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Personalized license plate

Tall Steve

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Mar 10, 2021
Who all is going to have a special plate for their Blackwing? I like them and have them on three of my cars.. On my 2020 CT5-V I have SLO4DOR, and on my BW I will put QUIK4DR....


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I’m definitely getting one as all of my other cars have them. In CA, with the size of the population, it’s very difficult to come up with one that’s not already taken even as it relates to Blackwings surprisingly. I guess that the CT6-V Blackwing owners are to blame.
I’m debating doing something along the lines of BBW
Have a couple other options in mind, but don’t want anyone stealing my ideas 😏
considering SHDWING but not so sure it reads right a Shadow Metallic Blackwing...who knows, still have time to think it over
It’s hit or miss. The plate for my convertible which was something to the effect of I❤️ITDWN was refused but then, ❤️ITDRPD was accepted. Down was no good. Dropped was fine. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Texas is just as bad...I submitted SLO4DOR and at first they denied it but after I protested their decision and explained its meaning they allowed it... The state originally said it was hurtful/racist and I was dumbfounded....I explained my other plate (QUIK4DR) and the light shined on some dumb ass at the DOT....
I thought this might be cool, as in “getaway car”


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668-HP and 668HP apparently are not available in Florida. :(

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