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Video: Matt Farah Drives the Cadillac CT5-V V6 and Catches The Brakes on Fire

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Nov 3, 2011
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From the review:

One of the reasons Matt Farah has attracted such a strong following with his "One Take" videos for The Smoking Tire on YouTube is that he never pulls his punches during a car review. But his no-holds-barred approach makes it a gamble for any automaker to loan him a car — as Cadillac discovered last week when Farah reviewed the CT4-V and was thoroughly disgusted by Caddy's blatant cash-grab using the "V" where it doesn't belong. It's truly surprising that after such a negative review, Cadillac has now loaned Farah the CT5-V. Perhaps the execs at Cadillac thought the CT5-V would impress him; unfortunately, it sure didn't and Farah actually managed to catch the car's brakes on fire in under 10 minutes of what he called a "medium pace."

Once again, Farah starts by describing how, exactly, Cadillac is employing the V badging for the CT5. In this case, the CT5-V replacing the CTS-V Sport, with a slightly longer wheelbase allowing for additional legroom in the backseat. The rear door's shape looks a bit strange to accommodate the length, though the overall chassis platform is shared with the Camaro, so Farah went into this test thinking the CT5-V might actually handle quite well.

Source: Watch Matt Farah Catch The Cadillac CT5-V's Brakes On Fire In Only 10 Minutes

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