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Competitive driving mode?


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Jul 16, 2022
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2022 CT5 Blackwing

What is the order of operations for getting “competitive driving mode” to show up on the dash?

When i press tc button twice i get both lights to come on but it never says the mode is enabled or anything.



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Do the Blackwings have that? I thought that was only a feature on cars without PTM.
Im not sure exactly. Heres some more info from different pamphlet.


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^Yes. According to the quick guide it is only accessible when in Sport mode.
I have not tried it, but my take from the guide is that it is effectively a bespoke PTM setting (or heck maybe just on Race 1) to pair with Sport mode.

Edit: what Safridi just posted is the guide I was referring to, but when showing the whole page you can see what I mean about sport.
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Yea i think ur right. I think if its a non bw car then it will display “competitive driving mode” and in bw cars if your in sport/track mode then only the two light will go on when pressed twice.
It's the mode that most guys use for drag racing. Full engine power and PTM setting similar or equal to Race.
I got my 4BW into it by selecting Sport Mode then pressing TC Off twice. The timing between button presses is notoriously tricky.

P.S. I just checked my C7 Z06 owner's manual. The manual states Competitive Driving Mode is available in Sport and Track Mode for non-PTM cars and Sport Mode only for PTM cars.
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Hold down TC for 8 full seconds to disable both TC and PTM. Its the only way you can really drift.

i learned that at Spring Mountain, and immediately felt better about having done so horribly when trying to do donuts a while back !!

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