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clean Black Raven 2009 Cadillac CTS-V for sale


New Member
Apr 20, 2017
Fort Hood, TX
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2009 Cadillac CTS-V
I hate to get rid of her but I am retiring from the military soon and have to focus my attention elsewhere. It has just under 105k and I'm selling it for $21k obo. It currently has a:

Metco 2.40" upper pulley
solid isolator
Metco 100mm auxillary idler
Metco tensioner pulleys
FIC 850cc fuel injectors
LS7 90mm ported throttle body
Airaid cold air intake
muffler and secondary cat delete
S2T paddles
35 % window tint
Moroso catch can
Diablo Trinity T1000 tuner
TR7IX plugs and new wires
DSteck flex fuel sensor
Dedicated Motorsports auxiliary fuel filter
Lokar flexible transmission dipstick
green supercharger belt
new accessory serpentine belt

a few pics from October of last year. my wife had just washed it and sent me these:


here is a dyno graph from back in august of last year. I took it to a local shop to see what she had and was fortunate enough that the tech allowed me to tweak my Diablo tune as far the air/fuel and timing. after 8 pulls total and being heatsoaked, it looked promising. it's got tons more in it. maybe about another 30 horsepower on a good cool day and some more timing and some more tweaks of the air/fuel. but below is the graph from that day:


I'm currently overseas but will be back stateside the first week of September. Just getting some airtime and basically putting this clean, well-maintained and cared for car "out there". I am not against doing any financial transactions while I'm here, you'll just have to deal with my spouse if you really want the car and can't wait for me to get back stateside. So new selling price as of today is $21k as stated also above. Thanks. I can be contacted directly at taylor26_42223@yahoo.com or +82 10 2809-7306.

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