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CT5-V 2023 CT5-V Blackwing Order Banks Closed!?

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Jan 11, 2022
Lacey, WA
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2023 CT5-V BW (86-027)
GM Authority posted an article that the 2023 CT5-V Blackwing orders have all been taken and that they are now closed. New orders will have to wait for the 2024’s to open up.

Last year GM was taking orders for the 2022’s at least until March/April. I wonder if they are closing the plant early for the 2024 mid cycle refresh.
Do we have any other sources confirming this? Or could this somehow be something where they heard the anniversary editions are all spoken for? This seems entirely too early for anything to be closed out.
Wow this is HUGE. So basically if your order is in 1100 status and has yet to be accepted you’re SOL (***t out of luck)?
Its crazy that they closed order banks just 5 months into MY23 production. Looks like GM has definitely underestimated market demand of this vehicle.
Oh man, I never asked my dealer to roll my ‘22 into a ‘23! 😂
That doesn’t make sense because it assumes GM knows what parts they will have for the next 9 months when it appears they don’t even know what parts they will have in 2 weeks. CF1, CF2, parking pkg, CF backed seats. How do they know all this all of the sudden?
It makes perfect sense if they'll only build orders already at 2000 status now.
And many people will drop out for various reasons including constraints and things will be much like 2022. For all practical purposes dealers had more orders than they could fill in 2022. This is nothing more than semantics.
Not that crazy considering how many people ordered this time last year never got past 1100. Better to just not give people false hope :
I'm wondering if this actually means no more CT5-V Blackwing allocations for the rest of the model year (meaning you need to be at 2000 status) or if it just means that there's enough people at 1100 in the system to fill out the 2023 model year?

It seems odd that they'd have enough allocations currently given out to fill out the model year at this point. I remember when GMauthority also said that the 2021 or 2022? Corvette orders were closed, but in reality GM was just saying you couldn't place your new order in the system because there's enough already in to finish the model year.

Would be nice for some more info. Sometimes the info GMauthority posts is occasionally a bit off the mark.
Honestly it's more sensible for GM to close orders if they have enough 1100 orders to full the entire production year. This ensures that everyone that put in a 5BW order so far will actually get one.

Unlike last year when you could be at 1100 since the beginning of the year and never get the order picked up and someone who ordered last minute might go to 2000 due to volume or sheer luck.

This also probably reduces the amount of undelivered 2022 orders backed out of if it's not going to be easy to just put another order for a 2023 at a high volume dealer.
I highly doubt that it means every order at 1100 will be built. Think of it this way, 75% of those 1100 status order probably have carbon fiber options, but ultimately supply chain issues may mean only a few of those cf optioned cars can be completed. I doubt GM would ever say ALL order regardless of options would be built.
Not shocking as it coincides with printed ad notations saying the BW has "extremely limited production".
Wonder what this means for the 4 BW counterparts. I'm pretty peeved considering that my '22 order got moved back to a '23 but my dealer hasn't had ANY allocations for a 6 speed yet, and it's already been 5 months since Cadillac decided to move production to '23 with no word on the status of my order..

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