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1988 Trans Am LF4/M6 Swap!


Apr 13, 2022
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2018 ATS-V
Cleveland Power & Performance is famous for restomods, restorations and custom cars. Recently they swapped a 2016 Cadillac ATS-V LF4 engine and M6 transmission into a 1988 Pontiac Trans Am. It also features a Ford 9” rear end along with custom driveshaft, all new suspension components and custom exhaust system.

This car originally produced 215 crankshaft horsepower from the factory, which would have measured around 194 at the wheels. We bumped that up by 263% to 512 whp for them. Imagine having this much power in your F-body car 35 years ago! Now of course we had to test drive this bad boy on the street to make sure everything felt as good as it did on the dyno. This thing is an absolute ANIMAL on the street. No traction control, no Stabilitrak, no ABS, and no worries because ripping through the gears in this raw, unruly and menacing Trans Am is just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

And check out the pic of Scott in 1988 with his Trans Am GTA at the track, and then re-created in 2022 (his mom was a great sport about recreating the picture too!). I’m sure he wishes his car had that kind of power back then!

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  • Trans Am on the Dyno.jpg
    Trans Am on the Dyno.jpg
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  • Throwback Thursday, Scott's 87 GTA.jpg
    Throwback Thursday, Scott's 87 GTA.jpg
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  • Scott with the Trans Am.jpg
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  • Trans Am dyno chart.PNG
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Very cool. I had been considering all types of obscure engien swap options, evenb a viper v10. Finally, I was close to swapping in the ls1/t56 from my '04 GTO into my one '88 GTA. But the originality of that car won out(67k miles) and I don't plan on modding it anymore. I also have another '88 GTA with the factory Notchback hatch option, 1 of 718 made. I also have the oem hatches from 2 more of those 718 cars.

Here is the factory Notchback GTA...

And heres my white '88 with an oem notchback hatch sitting on it(was trying different spoiler options), factory white hatch is against the wall next to it.
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Those are both super cool! And I love the Blackwing as well! Those are certainly some very nice rare birds.
Hey @cadillac put one in an Xt6 already. I miss my old TBSS and this would fill that void easily.

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