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    Simple add ons to my girl….

    Simple add ons to my girl….
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    Gotta love it

    My 5 is at detail shop getting the works…. Wheels off for ceramic and they noticed a piece of the drivers side fender underneath….. thats just great !!! When i picked up car, drivers side spring spacer was missing Dealer trying to get Me a replacement. So this happened while loading or...
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    Extra tint

    Had the front and side markers tinted…. Think it came out awesome
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    Final leg

    Besides having dealer turn on onstar, anyway to track your car once its on truck from factory?
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    Extended warranties

    Anyone who has their 4 or 5 , did you sign up for an extended warranty? If so, which one did you go for?
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    The good ole days

    Indeed !!!
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    Spare tire kit

    Just got off the phone with tyler at modern spare. They will have a spare tire kit available for the 5 blackwing in february 2022 for anyone wanting to go this route
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    Chicago area 5 blackwings (aftermarket wheels)

    Anybody in or around chicago that has a 5 blackwing yet?
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    5 bw parts

    Where do you order replacement parts for the 5bw Asking for a friend….. both of us googled the heck out of it and latest year we see on any gm parts sites is 2021 Thanks all….
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    Opinion needed

    I have a 10/25 tpw at 3000 status If i change my wheel selection, do you think it would move my tpw out further? Can i change at 3000 ?
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    Engine builder

    Anybody have this person that built their ct5-v bw lt4? He built my z06 motor in 2019
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    5 blackwing in georgia

    As i have mine on order , probably wont see until end of oct or into nov, if there is anyone in the atlanta metro area getting a 5 , would love to see one in person… reach out if possible
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    Suggestions on shipping car

    Can anyone suggest an enclosed car shipping company they have used? It can be a large trailer or single…. East coast pu amd delivery Thanks
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    Well gm just came in with a tpw of 10/25 I am officially the last tpw on the tracker…. So i had to cancel carbon fiber 2 in order to get my car quicker to be told three months out for tpw?? In three months they cant get the carbon fiber pieces ???????… Thats total bullshit
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    Jacking points

    Since i cant get a hold of an owners manual for the 5, does anyone know where the jacking points are? Want to get a spare tire kit , will a standard scissor jack do the trick
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    HELP!!!! 911

    So i was contacted by one of the dealers that I am the waitlist on.... Said they can get a build for me but carbon fiber option is the only stipulation. I think CF1 is available (have to confirm) but CF2 is not. From another dealer today I heard that the hold up is with CF2 , the rear...
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    Memory seats

    Probably a silly question , and it really does not matter to me but do the bw’s come with memory seats?
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    A sales manager from a cadillac dealer in texas posted on another blackwing site that last week allocations to dealers outside the initial 500 had started….. anyone can confirm this?
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    Cars baking??

    Anyone see this on another blackwing site on fb ?
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    Im a big fan of ppf and ceramic coating. I am hoping to get my 5 from a local dealer, but have an order in from a dealer about 4 hours from my house. If i have to drive the car home the 4 hours on highways, i will be bringing a couple of rolls of painters tape along to put on the front clip...
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