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    Ridiculous Ideas Thread

    I'm not sure if it's a ridiculous idea but I think it is for this brand as they'd never do it. But I'd love to see them pull a BMW and do true special edition models like a CS / CSL / GTS. Carbon fiber body panels, pulled rear seats, manual adjust buckets, special battery, cup tires, etc, etc.
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    New guy with a CF question

    CF is still on constraint and probably will be for a long while. The front bumper on the CF 1 package is different in that it has cut outs and mounts for the canards. If you're OK without the canards then you'll have drastically better results ordering your car without the CF packages and...
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    Media dumps

    The torque advantage of the LT1 goes away by 3k rpm where they're equal and loses out to the LF4 after that. Have you ever driven the new Supra? The B58 makes full torque at 2krpm which is more than both of these motors. On track you'll have a very small window where you have to modulate the...
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    Media dumps

    All of the reasonably priced V8 over the last few years have been poor out the box track cars. In regards to Dodge, you can get a manual only on the Challenger and only on the R/T line. Everything else is autos now.
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    Media dumps

    If the 4BW came with a V8 it would have been legendary. Its sales would have dwarfed the 5BW. The vast majority of people don't want a big HP V8, they just want a V8. Give them 4 doors with actual track capability out of the box and a manual? Now you vehicle that practically doesn't exist...
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    Dealer F up. What would you do?

    If you let them powder coat the wheels and you're not happy with how they turn out, what are you going to do then? Push for them to be replaced or refinished again?
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    CT4-V Blackwing on E30 = 546 whp

    You really need to get a sensor if you want to run it all the time. E85 pumps can vary wildly and even if you test the fuel by hand it can change with different deliveries. If you don't plan on running the E map much then you can just hand test the pump and then do your fill up.
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    Is there any way to get a new CT6-V now?

    Here is an article from a couple of years ago talking about the engine and the brand during that time period. It ended up just being collateral damage from a shift in perceived market changes...
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    Brake Pad Stick / Seize

    Ordered a set of cheap series z26 Powerstop pads to try out. If they take care of the issue then I'll just do pad swaps for track days.
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    Brake Pad Stick / Seize

    Do they still grab if you do this? I've tried driving the car after hand washing it up to a couple of miles but it still does it, just not as aggressively. Mine has always done this. If go home tonight and just spray some water out of a squirt bottle on the pads, it will stick tomorrow morning.
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    Brake Pad Stick / Seize

    I've been meaning to make a post about this for awhile now. How badly are your guys brake pads sticking to the rotors after you park the car wet? I've had this happen in the past with certain pads to some degree but this car is far worse than anything I've experienced. If I park the car and...
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    Girodisc Rotors - any takers?

    The way it works for people I generally talk to at the track is the other direction. They buy cheaper rotors so they can buy more of them as the total cost is cheaper. Giro runs about $1100 shipped for c8 and $1200 shipped for Zl1 fronts. Where as you can buy generics for $500-600. However...
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    Anyone get their Blackwing badge yet? And are you putting it on?

    They're being made by the same company who is producing the carbon fiber parts.
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    CT4-V My budget winter setup test fit

    Going to put mine on Monday. Looks like tomorrow is our last nice day for MI. Potentially snow next week in middle counties
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    4BW - How many miles?

    16.5k with 3 track days
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    Winter Wheels and Tires

    I ran these last year and will again this year. They work well if you need true winters.
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    To Debadge or no?

    Here you go, already in black too:
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    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    I feel the Cadillac dealer sales departments don't have a lot of education on the allocation system either. I can only assume this is because they don't routinely sell limited production vehicles. You read on here how little information these dealerships provide to people. In my experience...
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    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    Tinting the side markers and rear lower reflects cleans up the look quite a bit on a black car
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