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  1. dstewart51

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    Washed and detailed the bejesus out of it. Looks like I have about 4 days of good weather comming to enjoy a clean car.
  2. dstewart51

    Ridiculous Ideas Thread

    Pull the ICE and install a the guts from a S Plaid.
  3. dstewart51

    Spring Mountain Trip

    My last good M/C crash was at Spring Mountain in the winter, cold slicks are hard, so is the ground. Got to drive home with my arm in my t-shirt made sling and a broken collarbone. Beware of cold tires.
  4. dstewart51

    Jacking up your Blackwing

    I found this as well and aborted trying to jack the car up as I started to see this point flex. I suspect this was for frame manipulation during production. The bolt that goes through the aluminum front subframe is a solid lift point.
  5. dstewart51

    Pulled the Tapout Bluebelt Trigger

    Got the CEL on day 2 at just over 100 miles on the car since the pipes installed. I drive 125 miles / day, so see how it goes the next few days commuting to work. Hope it resets and clears. The new Cats and pipes still giving off a strong odor when hot, so hope they just need to cook a few...
  6. dstewart51

    Pulled the Tapout Bluebelt Trigger

    Think I may hold off to do the JB4 until I have the TB, so I can do the TB, plugs and JB4 at the same time. The hard part is out of the way at least. Yeah, it would have been easier with a lift, but duable from the garage floor.
  7. dstewart51

    Pulled the Tapout Bluebelt Trigger

    Got the Catted Downpipes installed. Other than it was a PITA, mostly just to disconnect the upper O2 sensors, that was half the battle, going back together was not bad at all. OMG it sounds good! No CEL yet, but just put 30 miles on it. Got to travel some tomorrow so will have about 250 more...
  8. dstewart51

    Black lug nuts with Graphite Wheels, looking for a photo

    The 5BW lugs are 22mm, so yes, the XL 22mm socket will work.
  9. dstewart51

    CT4-V Tools and Parts for DIY oil change

    @FLYARMY did here Blackwing Order Tracking - 2022 Model Year I have used them in the past, on my RAM Cummins Diesel and it was fantastic.
  10. dstewart51

    CT4-V Blackwing on E30 = 546 whp

    Copper plugs will need to be changed much more frequently, the OEM iridium plugs will last much longer, but they may not be the best heat range for higher boost levels. The trick is to find one step colder iridum plugs, been looking myself, but not found anything yet.
  11. dstewart51

    CT4-V Tools and Parts for DIY oil change

    No difference noticed. The UPF63R is just a little higher quality with a thicker shell, possibly slightly better filter media (from what I have read). https://champfiltration.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Champ-March-NPI-PH1500.pdf
  12. dstewart51

    CT4-V Tools and Parts for DIY oil change

    Okay, I just checked again, I use the UPF63R (upgraded filter) which is 74mm 14 flute, it appears the blue PF63 is 15 flute.
  13. dstewart51

    CT4-V Tools and Parts for DIY oil change

    Edited: The blue PF63 uses a 74mm 15 flute wrench. The black UPF63R uses a 74mm 14 flute wrench. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAIB1SC
  14. dstewart51

    HUD Display fried

    Just reach around from the font doors, I did this yesterday to double check :)
  15. dstewart51

    Civic Type R rear pillar

    Not if it was made by Yoko. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoko_(name)
  16. dstewart51

    CT4-V Windshield Replacement Woes (Don't be like Me)

    Try to look at the bright side, at least it didn't hit the roof or side pillar and put a nasty dent it in. The windshield can be replaced with almost no evidence it was ever touched.
  17. dstewart51

    Ct4 v Blackwing air filter install

    ^That works too. I like to put a rag in the intake boots and use my air compressor to blow the leaves and bugs out of the air box.
  18. dstewart51

    Ct4 v Blackwing air filter install

    Just did mine. You need to remove the two MAF sensor connectors and unclip from the top of the airbox, loosen and and push back the two flexible intake hoses, with the hoses pushed to the side you can get to the two screws under them much easier. Here is a trick, only back out the screws until...
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