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    Brake Pad Stick / Seize

    I've been meaning to make a post about this for awhile now. How badly are your guys brake pads sticking to the rotors after you park the car wet? I've had this happen in the past with certain pads to some degree but this car is far worse than anything I've experienced. If I park the car and...
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    Camber Adjustment Bolt Torque

    Anyone know the torque rating for the 2 bolts on the strut arm that you use to adjust camber?
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    2022 Get the Blackwing Badge

    GM sent me an email and I assume all of you too saying you can request a V Blackwing badge for you cars. More than that though, the email states their is a Blackwing specialty phone number?
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    Alignment Question

    Is the toe for the street the same as the track setting?
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    How To: Remove Front Reflector/Indicator

    I removed and tinted my front indicators in January and took some pictures to help others but completely forgot about them until today. Which means I also forgot the screw sizes and a bit about the clip you have to remove. So, all the screw heads are torx and there are 3 different screws...
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    Brake Caliper Piston

    What are you're guys thoughts on 1 out of the 6 pistons from the front caliper being roughly 1.5mm back from the pad. The other 5 are touching the pad. I was playing around on Friday and had some pretty aggressive braking sessions so this seems like it may be stuck to me. I'm in the process...
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    I think I'm the first - Time for buy back?

    I started the procedures today to perform a buy back. Wasn't sure if I was going to post this but I figured I may as well just in case someone has similar issues in the future. I may not even move forward with it but Michigan requires that I contact them and have them make one final attempt...
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    4BW Rock Guards

    Any manufacturers have rock guards out for the rear of the 4BW? Couldn't find any when I looked earlier today.
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    Spring Mountain

    Anyone else sign up for the free 2 day driving school? I grabbed one of the Jan 19-20 slots yesterday and was curious if anyone else is going either those days or another slot.
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