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  1. Mikezulu18

    Germany here I come

    Lady's/Gents, Just dropped it off at the VPC for shipment to Germany..... Side note (First time I have shipped through the military and only had one mark on inspection for a pre-existing issue. Usually there are marks all over the sheet for chips and such but I only had a headlight...
  2. Mikezulu18

    Custom Blackwing Logo

    Just wanted to get thoughts on the rendering of the logo I had created for the car. All thoughts appreciated. I personally love how it looks and not sure if I'll ask for any changes. But that is why I'm an asking y'all. The badge will have a brushed carbon black finish with machined carbon black...
  3. Mikezulu18

    CT4-V BW Front License Plate Options???

    Long story short.....Heading to Germany will need a front plate. I will place it in windshield temporarily. For those that require front plates what have y'all been using so that you don't have to drill? Eric
  4. Mikezulu18

    Custom Blackwing Emblem

    Hey guys, I know I mentioned it before but I went ahead and made the plunge to get a custom Blackwing emblem Designed and CNC'd. To the tune of about $300 from start to finish. as of now I had the proportions 6.75" x 1.5" to replace the spot where I debadged the CT4-V. I am Taking all the...
  5. Mikezulu18

    Accessories for the 4

    Anyone know if the generic accessories for the CT4-V Will fit in the Blackwing ? I am trying to change a few things I just dont know where to find any accessories. Nothing special but I am about to buy the following for the CTS4-V since I assume they will fir on the BW version. 1: 1st and 2nd...
  6. Mikezulu18

    Warranty Overseas

    Just curious about the warranty. I may be getting orders over to Germany in the next 4-6 months. By chance does anyone know if the warranty is valid overseas while on official military work orders? I know that my BMW allowed warranty for the first two years at least hoping that Cadillac will...
  7. Mikezulu18

    Head Rest - Adjustable?

    This might be a stupid question but on the upgraded "Jet Black, Leather Seating Surfaces with Mini-Perforated Custom Quilted inserts and sueded front seatbacks" for the CT4-BW are the headrest adjustable at all or is it set to be a one size fits all? Eric
  8. Mikezulu18

    Concierge Number? Possibly Moving with new Job

    Hey Guys, I have been looking but I cant seem to find the concierge number to call. I May be getting a new job taking me to NH from TN in the next few months. I was going to call and see the chances of being able to swap the dealership at this point to one a bit closer than 18 hours away...
  9. Mikezulu18

    Options costs - CT-4 BW

    I think I'm blind I was looking around for all the options costs to respec some of the things i might get and I cant find it. Didnt we have a worksheet or something for teh cost of every package option and such? Eric
  10. Mikezulu18


    So this will actually be my first Cadillac and I'm not super familiar with them to be honest. With me getting a CT-4 BW I assume the safety features and such will be comparable to the CT-4 V. Does anyone know much about what I could probably expect safety wise. I actually have a little one...
  11. Mikezulu18

    CT-4 Blackwing Titanium rods

    Thought it was a neat read. CT-4 Blackwing MT will be getting titanium rods. Just some light reading...
  12. Mikezulu18

    New to Cadillac & CT4-V BW (Also Seats Help Please)

    Hey guys, I know there is a intro thread on the main page but figured I would say hi in here since I am one of the 250 first CT4-V BW guys. Name is Eric (Never owned a Caddy) and currently live in the Nashville area still haven't decided exactly what I will order but I need to quick since I...
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