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  1. dstewart51

    Exhaust sound with the rear seats down

    Found I can transport my road bike in the 4BW with the rear seats down, just have to pull the wheels. This lead to finding out how much more awesome the car sounds with the exhaust open and giving it the beans! Really lets in more sound, shifting cracks (cant get enough of) and decel burble...
  2. dstewart51

    Pulled the Tapout Bluebelt Trigger

    Going the full Monty with the JB4, Catted downpipes, T-Body... Going to stick with the stock plugs, but a new set on the way which will be gapped to 0.026". Photos and info to follow in the coming days.
  3. dstewart51

    Black Nuts (lug nuts) - Chrome vs Titanium; photos within

    Warning, lug nut porn to follow. I really liked how much better the GM black chrome lug nuts looked over the stock chrome capped basic lug nuts. But two things, one, I was like Damn these weigh a lot more, and two, the black chrome gives almost a too polished of a finished look. The open ended...
  4. dstewart51

    Santa Clarita CA, other Blackwing owners

    Shot in the dark, I was on my way home from work in Santa Clarita, heading north East on Copper Hill Rd past McBean. Another White or Possibly Rift 4BW gave a short honk then passed my on my right before coming to a stop at San Francisquito Canyon where I turned to head north. Just checking to...
  5. dstewart51

    Brake dust, repellent

    I'm surprized at the ammount of brake dust the 4BW OEM pads generate even with light use. What are you guys using for treat the wheels with to help repel the brake dust? I know some replenets are not good on dark wheels. I had used Armor All brake dust repellent in the past, I'm sure there...
  6. dstewart51

    Black lug nuts with Graphite Wheels, looking for a photo

    Anyone happen to have a photo of the Satin Graphite wheels with black lug nuts? I'd like to compare it to the standard chrome lug nuts.
  7. dstewart51

    CT4-V Electrical noise/hiss from speaker while moving

    Noticed this as I was driving home after taking delivery, there is a slight but noticeable rapid pulse type noise which can sound a bit like a hiss coming from the front passenger door mid-range speaker when moving at speed. The noise is slightly less apparent in a right turn, slightly more...
  8. dstewart51

    Day 2 photos

    Day 2, took it out for a quick drive over the hill before it rains for some morning sun rise photos. Going in for tint later today.
  9. dstewart51

    Window tint advice

    Its been 25 + years since I last had tint done on anything I have owned. Looking at having tint done on the front and rear doors and back window on my 4BW. After some searching and reviews I'm looking at Xpel PRIME XR Plus 35% tint all around. I drive at night often and dont want to hinder...
  10. dstewart51

    Any other Ham Radio operators also BW owners here? Just curious.

    KJ7E here: KJ7E Callsign Page No, I will not be mounting any antennas on the BW unlike Barry Goldwater on his 63 vette.
  11. dstewart51

    Site adds

    So am I the only one distracted by this add on this site? I still don't know what the add is about yet.
  12. dstewart51

    CT4-V Transporting bikes within.

    Anyone fit a bike in the back of your CT4v yet? Fold the seats down, fit the bike in via the truck or just remove the wheels and use wheel bags? If so, road bike or mountain bike? I cycle a few times a week, I know Ill have no issue transporting my road bike, at the most just need remove the...
  13. dstewart51

    Carbon Fiber splitter and curbs

    For those that have the carbon option 1, anyone have any problems with curbs or driveways? How is the clearance?
  14. dstewart51

    New to the group, 4BW on order

    Hi all, thanks for all the great info on this site. I've been driving a 2020 Ford Explorer ST (tuned and a few mods) for the last two years. Looking forward to the new 4BW that's on order. The Avatar of the 76 Vette was my first car back when I was 18. Road motorcycles exclusively since 15...
  15. dstewart51

    CT4-V Not Equipped (00Z) meaning?

    Hi all, can someone help me understand; (00Z) Not Equipped with Front and Rear Park Assist and Reverse Automatic Braking ($50) Does this mean there is a $50 charge to not install these options? If so, will the dealer be able to retrofit at a later date and will that be free of charge at that...
  16. dstewart51

    CT4-V SoCal dealer recommendation for new order?

    Looking to order a new CT4-V BW, can someone recommended a good dealer in the SoCal area? I'll start with that as I have about a thousand questions. Here is a link for the exact build I want; Cadillac.com
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