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    Dealers That Are Not Charging Above MSRP

    Dealers’ margins are being squeezed across the board, obviously due to lower available inventories and inflation driven operating costs. This doesn’t mean they should lose composure and be unprofessional in customer negotiations, only thinking about the immediate potential sale and not repeat...
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    Blackwing Order Tracking - 2022 Model Year

    Not including higher interest rate expense if financing
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    Blackwing Order Tracking - 2022 Model Year

    Cuz Tall Guy is Sewell’s vip customer
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    Blackwing Order Tracking - 2022 Model Year

    A ‘23 model?
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    Dealers That Are Not Charging Above MSRP

    I’m sure you were in the top 20. Do they give you any indication of a more granular ranking? Just wondering. Congrats! You definitely work your butt off. Long Live The King!
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    Detailing thread

    U do good work! And good taste in color, satin steel
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    4BW General Questions Thread

    How often did you brush out the debris/dust from your Alcantara steering wheel? Just wondering. It seems they could be dust sponges.
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    Registration process for Spring Mountain

    Soon after my vehicle purchase was completed, Cadillac sent me a welcome email. That email included, amongst other topics, V-Academy info as part of the Blackwing ownership experience.
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    Oil Changes

    Could’ve went to 3,500 and still no chunks?
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    Brand new CT4-V Blackwing - blows hot air on passenger

    If anyone has issues with their HUD disappearing; and not because you tinkered with the controls, its covered under Bulletin #22-NA-113 - Head Up Display (HUD) Blank, Non-Responsive to Brightness, Aim, or Page Controls, DTC U0158 Set. Mine went out just after 700+ miles, finally got to the...
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    The goats, they found my car.

    My 4 is exactly the same, although, it is very subtle due to being in satin steel metallic. vin 46-322
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    Front and Rear Parking Sensor Retrofit

    I believe GM originally was targeting for 4th quarter of this calendar year. As was mentioned sometime ago.
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    Out of state purchase, California registration

    My 4BW took 700+ miles b4 monitors became ready.
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    New CT4V BW from Austin, TX

    She’s a beauty, Captain!
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    How honest is Sewell Cadillac Dallas?

    He’s probably currently tied up taking orders for 4BW Track Editions🤔
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    How honest is Sewell Cadillac Dallas?

    So, are you saying texas state law also applies to overpayments for car purchases by non-texas residents??
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    Spring Mountain impressions

    Tall Guy, would’ve been honored, but I’m scheduled for 10/23-24 🤭
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