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    Marketplace App

    For some reason I don't have the marketplace app on my 4. Anyone else run into this issue and how to resolve?
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    New Packages Video

    New video on cadillac's website, for those that don't receive the email updates. https://www.cadillac.com/meet-blackwing-pit-crew#packages
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    Rev Hang on Blackwings

    Hey folks. I was forced to switch to an automatic since back in 2012 to keep the wife happy and ability to switch cars easily. However, I'm one of the 250 getting a CT4 BW with a manual. I've been reading about rev hang affecting some of the cheaper vehicles out there. Some YT videos of the...
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    CT4BW - Free Seat Upgrade?

    Hey folks. Anyone else getting a free seat upgrade? See attached for what I configured with my dealer. The HEA trim does not seem to have a price associated with it. The MSRP is $65K. Item Cost Color 625 Seats Calipers 595 Performance Steering Wheel 0 Carbon Fiber Technology...
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