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  1. Exia

    CT5-V Finally! I got the phone call!

    The day is finally here, after waiting 15 months my dealer received their 3rd CT5-V Blackwing allocation. This was the first '23 for my dealer up here in Canada. Per the usual, no carbon fiber so my dream build has been squashed (RIP tan interior dreams) but it is what it is. I went with the...
  2. Exia

    Ron Fellows @ MOSPORT

    I had the chance yesterday afternoon/early evening to do the Ron Fellows Performance Driving school at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park up here in Ontario, Canada. The track was purchased by Ron Fellows himself about 10 years ago. This isn't the full experience of what you would get down at...
  3. Exia

    CT5-V Getting Rid of Fake Engine Noise

    So I know the CT5-V Blackwing has some kind of fake engine noise from the speakers for some absurd reason I'll never understand. Does anyone know how to disable this? Is there a fuse we can pull or something? I think it sounds terrible and I'd like to be able to just turn it off if its easy...
  4. Exia

    First for a '23

    Well I finally have confirmation. A few months ago I received a phone call that it was "my turn to order". I made a thread about that 3 months ago. I submitted my build and asked about constraints per the goat rodeo. I was told no idea which was strange because constraints are included with...
  5. Exia

    Hello From Canada

    Hello everyone, I decided it was a good time to add myself to the Cadillac V Community. I've owned a number of American performance cars over the last few years, a Camaro ZL1 1LE manual, C7 Grand Sport, a C7 Z06 manual, and C8 Stingray. I currently still own the C7 Z06 and as you can tell I...
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