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  1. deckofficer

    V is for automotive vice, and not my only automotive vice

    As the description for this off topic thread states, "to get to know the members better", I'll share my knuckle dragging, Neanderthal side. First my green side, a Smart Electric. My green crazy side, this death trap of a scooter can out pace my 'Vette to 40 mph. Now to the Neanderthal side...
  2. deckofficer

    Pop loves my new V almost as much as I do

    Of all the cars I've have, some are impossible for my 92 year old Dad to get into, and all the others he can only tolerate about 60 miles. The V is a whole different story, he gets to have his side of the cabin at 80*, my side 72*. He also is not aware of the speed or cornering forces, so we...
  3. deckofficer

    Left coast checking in

    Hi all, Name is Bob, and this place sure has the "new forum" smell. I've had my V for around 4 months, and in that time have driven it on 14 different days. To say it isn't a daily driver is a bit of an understatement. Was hoping to be able to post an avatar on the new forum, but like the...
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