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  1. hollywdv

    My DD

    Welcome from Hollywood! My car is also a DD and occassional track car. If you, or whoever come to visit SoCal, come join us in the Cad Challenge.
  2. hollywdv

    Product Review: Volt

    Glad your wife was able to walk away from this. Cars can be fixed and/or replaced.. It's crazy that some people can be so irresponsible. He'll get what's coming to him..
  3. hollywdv

    2014 Cadillac ELR

    Very nice car!
  4. hollywdv


    Congrats on the new V!
  5. hollywdv

    New member from San Diego

    Welcome..from Hollywood. cubby..very nice looking ride!
  6. hollywdv

    Cold Air Intake

    I had the Airraid in my 2011 and had no issues with it. Install is pretty straighfwd and I don't see you having any issues with it..
  7. hollywdv

    News: Twin-Turbo V6 Confirmed for the Cadillac ATS-V

    I can see this car becoming very popular. I can't wait til it arrives..
  8. hollywdv

    Product Review: Volt

    Great to hear. I'm considering this or the Cad version of this car in the 2 yrs or so. My commute is approx 40 miles/day and this would work out really well. My V would be a weekend car from then on..
  9. hollywdv

    Fn mirror fell off today

    Yeah, I'd take it to the dealer.
  10. hollywdv

    STS-V or CTS-V?

    Agreed. I think the V1 market is probably more established than the STS-V? Fwiw, I've driven the STS (not the V) and the ride was pretty soft (cushy) compared to the regular CTS. Depends on what you are looking for? With the V1, you'll get a 'sportier' feel. Might want to research the axle on...
  11. hollywdv

    World Challenge at Mazda Raceway (Laguna Seca)

    Thanks for the updates..
  12. hollywdv

    World Challenge at Mazda Raceway (Laguna Seca)

    Is this being televised somewhere? I'd like to watch..
  13. hollywdv

    D3 Cadillac parts & performance ?

    You'll get no argument from me on that...but to me, they're about the only vendor with a proven track record for the V on road racing. Not only are these guys out there promoting products, they're also out there racing with their customers (in their own car) in the Cad Challenge. I've been on...
  14. hollywdv

    FOR SALE: 2008 Corvette

    Have you tried posting on the corvette forum? GLWS.
  15. hollywdv

    World Challenge at Long Beach -spoiler warning

    That is going to be a cool experience!! D3 hosted a Cadillac and Coffee meet before the LB Grand Prix then we set out for a cruise to the Grand Prix after. There were about 30 Vs cruising on the blvd to the corral and all you can see and hear are groups of people stopping to stare (including the...
  16. hollywdv

    Bugs, etc., on the side windows

    I can imagine my front passenger (like my wife)..while enjoying the scenery and the fresh air..suddenly start cursing like they have tourette cuz they got some nasty-yellow bug guts on themselves..:lol: Unfortunately, for those that enjoy the long drive and the scenery (like myself), this is...
  17. hollywdv

    World Challenge at Long Beach -spoiler warning

    Saw these guys in person during the LB grand prix. Seeing and hearing these cars in action is something everyone should experience. Amazing!!
  18. hollywdv

    Added to my V collection!!

    congrats cubby! many happy miles ahead..have fun with her..
  19. hollywdv

    D3 Cadillac parts & performance ?

    D3 worked on my car and my experiences have been positive so far. I'm currently working with them to get my car's suspension ready for the Cad Challenge. Since they're local to me, I visit and talk with most of their staff including their techs. If you need pricing, give Ro or Greg a call (just...
  20. hollywdv

    FOR SALE: 2008 Corvette

    lol..I thought you were giving it up, period?! The 427 convertible edition is beautiful!
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