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    PSA: Setting Expectations - Condition of your paint may disappoint you, but a paint correction/ceramic coat and a good detailer will fix your problem.

    My detailer called them "paint nibs". They were on both my BW and my 22 Bolt, but only on the horizontal surfaces. Needed a light wet sanding and polish.
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    Blackwing Owner Age

    I must be the old guy here; 68... Still young at heart, though!
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    New Ct4V Blackwing check engine light from dealer

    I had a CEL come on after two weeks. It was a malfunctioning high pressure fuel pump. Have them check that out.
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    Personalized license plate

    Perfect; exact same characters on my CT plate!
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    How Do I Tell My Dealer I Don't Want The Car?

    Just tell them you changed your mind. They have none of your money, and a highly salable car, so I don't think there's any issue.
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    Bring-a-Trailer CT5-V BW sold for 115K

    Yes, we do! Beautiful, huh??
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    Bring-a-Trailer CT5-V BW sold for 115K

    I said "coming back down to", not that they were there yet. The trend is your friend!
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    Bring-a-Trailer CT5-V BW sold for 115K

    In any event, looks like prices are coming back down to realistic levels. Several months ago, I believe similar cars were being sold in the $130's.
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    4BW to 5V for more interior room?

    Yes, but they're ridiculously high-priced, especially with any desirable options.
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    4BW to 5V for more interior room?

    I'm sure I'll get savaged for this, but has anyone traded/sold their 4BW, and bought a 5V due to the back seat space? I'm finding that not many of my friends can fit in the back seat of my 4BW (which is a great car, BTW), but it's essentially turning into a two-seater for all practical purposes.
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    Site Update: Official Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing Registry

    Has anyone received their commemorative plaque from Cadillac yet? Just got mine yesterday for CT4BW #83. Really nice.
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    Cool Gray Seat Protection

    Pretty much nothing prevents dye transfer, but a regular wipe down with pretty much any good car leather cleaning product (or baby wipes!) will take care of it.
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    4BW 6MT 1-2 shifts

    Be happy you don't have the prior generation Corvette skip shift!
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    CT5-V MotoMan video

    A part of this interview discusses how you should never buy a car solely for investment reasons. But some cars will do better than others, and you could also do a lot worse from a fun perspective then buying a 5 BW!
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    CT5-V MotoMan video

    Sorry; on YouTube (MotoManTV)
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    CT5-V MotoMan video

    Anyone see the latest MotoMan video (3/9) that discusses "new, just off the production line" collector cars. CT-5V BW featured prominently!
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    Roll Call

    Hey guys; I'm the old man out, I guess. I'm 68, a retired VP of Tax for a major insurance company, and have owned my CT4 BW since September (#83). Had to buy this, as the last gasp of manual transmission performance ICE cars. Also have a 22 MX-5 Miata (also manual) and a Chevy Bolt (go figure...
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    Personalized license plate

    Love that color!
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