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  1. Matt27

    CT4-V CT4-V Blackwing General Photo Thread: 4BWs Make Everything Look Better

    Not yet. Hasn't made an impact on the cooling as-is. When I get the new plates I'll move it to the center and report back. I don't mind it off-center, personally. I have 0 doubts it'll work centered, just pretty lazy and it's fine for now.
  2. Matt27

    CT4-V CT4-V Blackwing General Photo Thread: 4BWs Make Everything Look Better

    Still waiting on my personalized plate from NJ. 3 weeks and counting...
  3. Matt27

    MT Buyers Only: If MT was not available, would you still buy a Blackwing?

    Would be an RS3 or an M3 for me without the stick. I was waiting on allocations at multiple dealers for both when I found my car sitting at the dealer.
  4. Matt27

    Finding Allocations

    I had to compromise on sunroof, PDR and HUD (not in my car). Wound up with Carbon 1 and Carbon 2 instead. And honestly? Don't regret it one bit. Car is amazing, and the carbon looks pretty sweet on a black exterior.
  5. Matt27

    Best driving roads in your state for Blackwings?

    It's great practice on first/second gear starts and clutch modulation too. Useful for a rookie 6MT driver like me.
  6. Matt27

    Best driving roads in your state for Blackwings?

    A little further southeast in NY and you've got all the great roads in Harriman/Bear Mtn too. Arden Valley/Tiorati Brook/Kanawauke all great and 7 Lakes is a classic, though tends to get some slow moving traffic during weekend afternoons.
  7. Matt27

    CT4-V Transporting bikes within.

    Sweet ride! And I totally understand it. I was apprehensive myself at first with a much cheaper bike. One note - I don't think it will work on PPF. My car has high impact areas done so only the front of the roof (with ceramic everywhere). Re: paint marring, I haven't noticed any on either...
  8. Matt27

    CT4-V Transporting bikes within.

    Not inside, but I've been using a Seasucker and it works just as well as it did on prior cars. Road bike, don't have pics on my Caddy but here it is on my Alfa. Done multiple highway road trips at... proper highway speed and no issues at all. Goes on in 5 mins and comes off even quicker...
  9. Matt27

    Roll Call

    Save a spot for me when I move down there in 12 months. Have to get out of NJ...
  10. Matt27

    Blackwing Owner Age

    28! There are 6 of us (based on the poll at the moment I post this).
  11. Matt27

    Pics of your Blackwing in regular parking spots

    License plate says yes, actual location (RI) says no.
  12. Matt27

    Personalized license plate

    I may or may not have just gotten approval from NJ for WINGNIT. Great minds friend...
  13. Matt27

    Check this crazy sh*t out

    This one is up there too. https://www.trinitycadillac.com/used/CADILLAC/2022-CADILLAC-CT5-V-98f354930a0e087f1aa1d10f2e08814a.htm These guys also still have a 4BW available that I called on a month ago, before I bought my car. I explained that I had a deal at MSRP from a dealer further away...
  14. Matt27

    4BW Front Plate Mounting

    Circling back now that my plates are in on the Cravenspeed grille mount (The Grille Mount Platypus for 2020-2022 Cadillac CT5). Photos attached. It definitely works. I'll mess around with exact placement (I may center it or move it over further left, but that's easy enough). On/off is easy...
  15. Matt27

    Told ya

    Can confirm, took me 5 months for my first one.
  16. Matt27

    1st Song?

    I'll be an oddball.
  17. Matt27

    What made you choose a Blackwing and what else did you consider?

    I think so too. Have plenty of seat time in the F87 and F80 M3s (including on track) and they were too sterile then. Hate that steering rack. Can't imagine the new ones have gotten more involving. Blackwing is a keeper.
  18. Matt27

    What made you choose a Blackwing and what else did you consider?

    I was waiting for allocations on both the G80 M3 and the 4BW. Criteria was 4 doors and a stick. It's my first real high-performance car and I'm coming out of an Alfa Giulia lease, but have lusted after something like this for a decade and obviously as we all know, cars like this are rapidly...
  19. Matt27

    Side swiped a concrete pillar in a parking garage

    Looks pretty damn good! Happy everything worked out.
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