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    Video: 2014 / 2015 Cadillac CTS V Sport Review and Road Test

    I live in sports car heaven up here in the North Georgia Mountains. I have more roads to choose from then you can count on both hands and both feet. My favorite road is a well paved black top with very little traffic, great sight lines and is 12 miles long with 65 curves. Using this and other...
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    I ran Heavens Landing 1/2 mi speed only drags May 2017

    I have been to three of these events and ran two of them. The events take place on a private air strip in Clayton, Georgia and lasts two days. Typically about 200 cars show up each day and get in four or five runs. This year I ran my 2014 CTS V sport and ran 135mph in the 1/2 and 111mph at the...
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