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  1. alexf718

    Collector edition: Crafted by

    Cory Wilson. From what I was able to find, he is the Launch Manager at General Motors Lansing Grand River Assembly. If you know him, please pass on my gratitude. I absolutely love this car!
  2. alexf718

    Personalized license plate

    That would be awesome! Post it here when done, would love to see how it comes out. May do that as well as tome point in the future!
  3. alexf718

    Personalized license plate

    Check out my photo above. Went with OEM black frame with monochrome silver crest on it to match my rear crest. There are 4 or 5 OEM options, available on Cadillac Accessory section. It is a bit on a pricy side, but good quality metal frame with nice finish.
  4. alexf718

    Cadillac Crest Monochrome Finish

    Yes, all I have left is the front and rear Cadillac crests monochrome :)
  5. alexf718

    Personalized license plate

    Here is mine
  6. alexf718

    Cadillac Crest Monochrome Finish

    I did front and rear on mine after PPF was done and it came out great! I can confirm it works. I also removed all other badges (fenders and trunk) as I wanted to keep the monochrome look
  7. alexf718

    Delivery Thread - Post Pictures Here!

    Picked her up on Tuesday with help of @turbotaz. Will post better pics once she is detailed and PPF is done. Absolutely love it!!!! The plan was to wrap it instead of PPF, but once I picked her up I decided to keep her as is. Crafter by: Cory Wilson Motor: Anthony Terry
  8. alexf718

    Blackwing86’s car!

  9. alexf718

    I got my CT5-V Blackwing

  10. alexf718

    Tall Steve's Blackwing

  11. alexf718

    Site Update: Official Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing Registry

    @Rob Can you kindly add another order number to the registry. ZVWVPR This is for a new forum member @turbotaz
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