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    D3 lowering Springs w/ self leveling

    Just had my D3 springs installed on my 07 STS-V after the install the car sat nice and low but after driving it approximately 3 miles away from the shop I noticed it started to feel a lil bouncy when going over bumps so I pulled over to get out and take a look and saw that the car raised...
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    09 and up STS fog lamps

    I was wondering if I can install a set of fog lamps off a 09 and up STS on a 07 STS-V ?
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    6.2L swap

    I was curious if anyone know if I can put a 6.2L LSA supercharged out of a 09-14 CTS v into a STS-V???
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    Front bumper removal / installation

    yeah including parts and labor
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    Front bumper removal / installation

    My head light on the driver side has started to show a lil condensation inside which is making the car look off a lil by one light shinning brighter than the other ...I priced the cost to take it to the shop and its gonna run me over $1,000 bucks no thanks so im looking for some answers on how...
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    PA/NJ/DE or NY meet

    I'm from the northeast philly area and I own a '07 STS-V . every since I had my V I been trying to find other V owners to meet up with that's In eastern PA, NJ,DE and NY . I'm looking to put together a lil car club with all V's or if anybody already have a V club that's within the metropolitan...
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    Warning! "engine hot a/c off"

    This ain't the first time I got this message on my 07 sts-v ...The last couple days the message appeared on my information display and i notice that the temperature Guage did not move at all staying in the cold mark ...now its running normal as we speak can someone tell me what the issue is and...
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    I'm looking for a set of coilovers for a 07' STS-V. can anybody help me out with any references ?
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    Tire pressure monitor

    I have a 07 STS-V and I noticed that thr tire pressure monitor sensor was in to be serviced so I dropped the car off at the dealer to have it replaced but after now the dealer is having a difficult time with tryna figure out why the code can't be reset and it's now reading that all 4 monitors...
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    ECU upgrade ?

    Oh i know trust me ,i actually can see the needle move when i step on thegas
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    ECU upgrade ?

    ok I also removed that engine cover by the way I can definitely hear that supercharger when I get on it sounds mean and it takes off like a rocket I love it man! its amazing how much of a difference it made by just doing that...
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    ECU upgrade ?

    i found a place bout an hour away that does Vz he told me around $500 bucks for tune does that sound about right?
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    ECU upgrade ?

    yeah I bet they is but they way out in cali ...I would need to find a good tuner in PA or NJ but thanks for helping me out ...
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    Supercharger wine

    I never would of thought that would make a big difference ...Thanks
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    Supercharger wine

    I notice a difference with my STS-V when I drive I have mostly the exhaust than anything ...I barely can hear the supercharger like as if I doesn't even have one especially inside the cabin when I get on the gas ,I dunno if it's the exhaust or what but I seen alot of videos on youtube with the...
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    ECU upgrade ?

    I have a 07' STS-V, I just wanna know how would I make out with giving it a Tune and possibly remove the speed limiter I already have an exhaust ...V brothas what yall think about this ?
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