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  1. Tuna

    For Sale: 2012 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon - 12K Miles!

    WOW! The sell price is impressive. If I ever want to sell my little red Vagon, I'm going to use "Bring A Trailer."
  2. Tuna

    What to do?

    Since most of us are under "stay home" or "lockdown" orders, my wife decided that I needed something to do besides watch TV. She decided that I needed to wash, clay bar and wax the Tuna Sport and Speed Wagon. Here's the results. C-Magic car wash soap, Clay Magic clay bar (fine), C-Magic Wax...
  3. Tuna


    :party:Happy New Year!!! :beerchug:
  4. Tuna

    Introduction - DarthV

    Welcome! Sounds like a nice car. My first V was a black 2004 and I had DARTHV on the license plate.
  5. Tuna

    A Little-V Blog: The ATS-V purchase and ownership experience

    It's no wonder it took so long to diagnose! So this is a 2016 issue only?
  6. Tuna

    New owner here

    Yeah, the V-Net can be pretty quiet. At least it's here. :wave:
  7. Tuna

    New owner here

    Welcome to the V-Net! Have fun with the ATS V!
  8. Tuna

    Hey Y'all!

    When Cadillac started selling the CTS Wagon in 2010, they called the standard wagon, the "Sport Wagon." The "V" wagon is a "Sport Wagon" with the "V" drivetrain. That may be part of your confusion. Between 2011 and 2014, all "V" wagons were supercharged V8s. The twin-turbo engines didn't...
  9. Tuna

    Hey Y'all!

    I'll try to shed some light on this for you. 1. The "V" package was available on the STS, the XLR and the CTS, first generation. The "V" package was available on the second generation CTS in all three models; sedan, coupe and wagon. The third generation CTS also has a "V" package. There are...
  10. Tuna


    The shed turned out just great. Thanks for asking. The V Wagon is doing well also.
  11. Tuna

    2011 cts-v

    I didn't mention road noise. However, I'm running Michelin Pilot A/S 3 + tires. Good all around tire and it hooks up when the temps are low.
  12. Tuna

    2011 cts-v

    A little rattle in the supercharger has never been a concern of mine. Neither the whining noise as all superchargers whine. Take off the engine cover and you'll hear even more whine. Some people like the whine as it screams supercharger. I'm going to drive mine and not worry about it.
  13. Tuna

    2011 cts-v

    I've had my 2011 CTS V Wagon since December 2010 and it's been very dependable. I hear a little supercharge rattle but not enough to concern me. It's been doing that a long time without any issues. The biggest issues I have are the tire life and the gas mileage. :wink: Mine has a little over...
  14. Tuna

    New Member 2016 CTS V

    Congratulations on your purchase of a CTS V. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  15. Tuna

    Oh No!

    Oh yeah. No problems since.
  16. Tuna

    Happy Birthday SPD WGN - late

    My little red V-Wagon was 8 last week and I missed it. I took delivery of Speed Wagon December 7th, 2010. It's been a good 8 years! :smile: :biggrin:
  17. Tuna

    V Wagon Road Trip

    It's been a while since Speed Wagon was on a road trip, so it was time to stretch it's legs. My wife and I took Speed Wagon to Midland, TX to see the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum and to see the Chaparral 2J run. The museum houses Jim Hall's collection of Chaparral sports racing cars and one...
  18. Tuna

    A Little-V Blog: The ATS-V purchase and ownership experience

    The Volt was the only car I ever leased. New technology that we didn't want to get stuck with if it didn't work out. So, we leased. It turned out to be a very good car. Our electric bill went up about 5-bucks a month and that included charging it every night. If you were to buy a Volt, your...
  19. Tuna

    A Little-V Blog: The ATS-V purchase and ownership experience

    Had a volt. Might still have it if Ally hadn't wanted so much for it at the end of the lease. The Volt was a good car and did everything GM promised it would do. Susan had a 37 mile round trip every day. Our Volt was rated for 35 miles on a charge but regularly got more than that. Susan went...
  20. Tuna

    A Little-V Blog: The ATS-V purchase and ownership experience

    Double Wow! The bad luck you've been having with your ATS's is incredible. Did you check the tires on the BB? Does it have the same alignment set-up? Same tires? It's no wonder you don't have much hair on the top of you head. ;)
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