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  1. vblkwng

    Brake pads what’s the part?

    Does anyone have part numbers for brake pads yet? I need new fronts.
  2. vblkwng

    VBLKWNG CT5-V Blackwing Tour Thread

    Figured I'd start this thread to document the grand tour of 81-025 over the past couple weeks and upcoming week. I am going to showcase that the CT5-V Blackwing is the best of all worlds in regard to road course racing, drag racing, getting groceries, and doing a road trip to LA, and Laguna Seca...
  3. vblkwng

    Rear Facing Baby Mirror for CT5-V Blackwing

    Has anyone found one that works well? The rear headrests are awkward and the one my wife and I have does not work well.
  4. vblkwng

    CT5-V Blackwing Automatic Dyno Results on 91 Octane

    Took the CT5-V Blackwing on the dyno over the weekend. Made an impressive 589 whp and 603 wtq. Impressive for sure. It was also on 91 octane. I can only imagine what I could make on better fuel like 100 octane, or by adding some torco accelerator. Also note, proper gear to do a run is 7th gear...
  5. vblkwng

    Might just be the biggest production Blackwing gathering so far....lol

    All of us met up at a local car show today. Was super cool to meet everyone, hopefully we get some more Blackwings in Vegas in the future. As far as we know from tracking deliveries these are the only 4 in the state. Some photos the lot is empty because there were a lot of people blocking the...
  6. vblkwng

    FuelRun LA to Vegas

    Has anyone signed up for this yet? Dec 10-12
  7. vblkwng

    Marketplace Doesn't Exist?

    Is there a reason I would be missing the Marketplace option? I used to use this to pay for Gas...now it's not an option?
  8. vblkwng

    Surround Video Recorder (Not PDR) issue

    I have tried 3 SD cards, all work in a PC, all formatted with Fat32 none of them are being detected by the Blackwing when inserted into the trunk SD slot...am I missing something? I tried a 16GB, a 32GB, and a 256GB, none of them get detected.
  9. vblkwng

    Paint issues

    On the Electric Blue CT5-V Blackwing I had some paint issues, dealer doesn't want to do anything about it, as they claim fixing it they can't do a fix. Not sure what to do next, and surprised this made it through QA.
  10. vblkwng

    Brake Dust Shield Cover?

    Are these part of the track items that are for track use only. The dealer stated that to put these on they would have to remove the others. I just wanted to confirm that these were part of "Track Use Only" including the brake air ducts.
  11. vblkwng

    Possible Electric Blue Production Issue

    2 Vehicles delivered to Vegas had Electric Blue but after delivery both vehicles noticed lots of black specs had contaminated the clear coat. Please let me know if anyone else has this color delivered and if you also have black specs on the paint. @MrChao and I were effected by this.
  12. vblkwng

    Vegas Blackwing Rollcall

    Figured there's a few of us on here, who's waiting on shipping to Vegas? Maybe all of our cars are going to ship together. I have a CT5-V Blackwing going to Findlay at some point.
  13. vblkwng

    Where's the CAI at for the Blackwing?

    Anyone coming out with a Carbon Fiber CAI like we had on the V3?
  14. vblkwng

    Warranty Information for Blackwings

    I probably am gonna annoy my dealer for adding my Blackwing to my owner portal for OnStar but here is all the info for our cars warranties.
  15. vblkwng

    Display Sign for Car Show

    I am purchasing a CT5-V Blackwing, and it's been built, just waiting on delivery. Does anyone on this forum make display signs that have information about the car based on the VIN, etc.? The car is planned to be at the Las Vegas Concours, and at SEMA and would like to have a sign for it to...
  16. vblkwng

    2022 CT5-V Blackwing

    Found this through facebook, apparently some one here can provide status on builds. I had a 2017 CTS-V, and attended Spring Mountain's class. I also go to all the IMSA races in Long Beach and Laguna Seca. Love my Cadillac, excited for my CT5-V Blackwing which has a production week of 7/12.
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