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  1. jwolf99

    Opinion Survey and Forum

    Anyone else get an email from Cadillac Research for an online opinion survey for your new vehicle reservations and custom order deliveries. Also got another one for "Connected Drivers" which came from Gongos Inc (?) that says it in conjunction/partner with GM described as "an online community...
  2. jwolf99

    Dark Emerald Frost 5BW "Order" Available in NY

    The dealer I purchased my 5BW from has secured an order for an Emerald Frost CT5-BW and it is available. MSRP + $5k ADM. Other stipulations, as conveyed to me by salesperson, are that you must take delivery thru them and finance thru them. Don't shoot the messenger. These rules didn't apply to...
  3. jwolf99

    Is this the first BW speeding ticket?

    Ok, so which one of you was it? Clearly it made enough of an impression for BHPD to make their own IG post about it. 😆 https://www.instagram.com/p/CTk5ZYChnZG/
  4. jwolf99

    LT4 valve train or fuel injectors on cold startup?

    Any one else notice that a loud tapping or ticking on the LT4 valve train or fuel injectors upon cold start? At first I thought it was one of the pulleys upon hearing from inside the car. But with hood open and ability to get near source, it definitely seems to be coming from either valve train...
  5. jwolf99

    Rock Guards

    Are the rock guards noticeably different between the 4BW and 5BW. Photos are of my infrared 5BW and an electric blue 4BW that was at the dealer when I picked up my car. The 4BW seems like it would block more. The reason I ask is that after my 35 mile drive, a fair amount of sand and small...
  6. jwolf99

    Key Fob Capers

    So my car was delivered to my dealer in the wee hours of yesterday morning. I don't take delivery until Friday, but I dropped the dealer to to take a peek. It was dirty as sin with a nasty layer of rail and road dust on it making the infrared tintcoat color look almost rust colored from some...
  7. jwolf99

    Front Spring Spacers for Towing

    I saw this in the manual as well. Are there spacers included in the junk in the trunk, or is the dealer supposed to give us the spacers that ship with the car?
  8. jwolf99

    Carbon Ceramic Brake Burnishing

    In reading thru the CT5 owner's manual, there are instructions for burnishing the carbon ceramic brakes. @Mirza Grebovic Is this done at the factory or do we need to do this on our own?
  9. jwolf99

    Online Manuals

    So it looks like the 2022 owner's manuals are available thru the Cadillac website. I downloaded the regular CT5 manual for MY2022 and it has many references to the Blackwing. Learn About My Vehicle | Cadillac Owner Center When you first access the site, it should prompt you for your year, make...
  10. jwolf99

    GM Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant Tour?

    So as pure luck would have it, I am going to be in Michigan visiting family the week of July 12, the same week that my 5BW is scheduled to be built (as of now). I've had the trip scheduled for months, so this is pure coincidence. I'm not finding any regular tour schedule thru a Google search...
  11. jwolf99

    April 2021 Car and Driver

    Here is the front cover of April 2021 Car and Driver. It doesn't look the the article is published on their website as of this posting, but I did get a digital copy of the issue through Zinio. No real new info in the article except for some tid bits about wind tunnel testing and aerodynamics...
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