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  1. TiredIronGRB

    PS2 tires and cold weather

    Good to hear you got home safe.
  2. TiredIronGRB

    PS2 tires and cold weather

    I picked up a set of Pirelli Sottozeros but haven't put them on yet, will update once I've tried them out.
  3. TiredIronGRB

    christmas gift

    Same here, I'm at the place in life now where I'm the caretaker for my parents, children and grandchildren.
  4. TiredIronGRB

    new member

  5. TiredIronGRB

    Borla 40364 Pro XS Mufflers (Budget Exhaust)

    My V is my DD and I don't plan on extensive mods but I did want it to breath good and have a little more rumble to it. I have used these Borla mufflers on other vehicles I've built with blown small blocks and had good results so I used them along with the factory tips and have had good results...
  6. TiredIronGRB

    New member from East Tennessee

    Picked up a former V-Lab sedan with 2700 miles, now have 8500 with zero problems. I build a lot of old traditional hot rods and customs, or at least I used to until I got the V...now I mostly just drive. I've put Borla mufflers on it and plan to do a CAI when I decide which one to go with...
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