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    Reach to the turn signals?

    I got a call from a dealer where I had inquired about a 4BW that they had one in if I wanted to look at it. I asked if I could somehow test drive this mythical beast and unfortunately the answer was no since the car was in the showroom, but they did say I could test drive a CT4 Sport that...
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    New Member and Aspiring BW Owner

    Hi everyone, new member from Queens, New York. Looking to get into a CT4 Blackwing in the somewhat near future. Currently have a 2019 Genesis G70 3.3 AWD, previously a 2013 G37, 2015 Civic SI, 2006 Miata and 2000 Mustang. Feeling the itch to get back into a manual car and have an 8-month old son...
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    Baby Seat in CT4 BW

    Hi all, new member thinking of getting in on the Blackwing action in the near-ish future. I got a call from a dealer I had previously visited (Paul Conte Cadillac in Freeport, NY) to tell me they had gotten a CT4 Blackwing and that I was welcome to come down and take a look at it if I wanted. I...
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