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    Whelp, time to take it in(CT4 Blue smoke)

    My ATS-V emitted a small amount on a cold start but never this much. I had heard Turbo seals can be an issue. Thought this would have been sorted out by now. *2,900 miles, adhered to the 500 mile break-in period.
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    CT4 Floor Mats.....

    Are interchangeable with the ATS... 🤣 Swapped the Lloyd mats from my ATS-V. :) The all-weather mats will be sold with it.
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    Rift CT4 on Cars .com

    Hope this works. Rift looks damn good. https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/a48d83c6-6526-4c1f-9267-218a9ea59a3b/
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