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    5 bw parts

    Where do you order replacement parts for the 5bw Asking for a friend….. both of us googled the heck out of it and latest year we see on any gm parts sites is 2021 Thanks all….
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    Opinion needed

    I have a 10/25 tpw at 3000 status If i change my wheel selection, do you think it would move my tpw out further? Can i change at 3000 ?
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    Engine builder

    Anybody have this person that built their ct5-v bw lt4? He built my z06 motor in 2019
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    5 blackwing in georgia

    As i have mine on order , probably wont see until end of oct or into nov, if there is anyone in the atlanta metro area getting a 5 , would love to see one in person… reach out if possible
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    Suggestions on shipping car

    Can anyone suggest an enclosed car shipping company they have used? It can be a large trailer or single…. East coast pu amd delivery Thanks
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    Well gm just came in with a tpw of 10/25 I am officially the last tpw on the tracker…. So i had to cancel carbon fiber 2 in order to get my car quicker to be told three months out for tpw?? In three months they cant get the carbon fiber pieces ???????… Thats total bullshit
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    Jacking points

    Since i cant get a hold of an owners manual for the 5, does anyone know where the jacking points are? Want to get a spare tire kit , will a standard scissor jack do the trick
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    HELP!!!! 911

    So i was contacted by one of the dealers that I am the waitlist on.... Said they can get a build for me but carbon fiber option is the only stipulation. I think CF1 is available (have to confirm) but CF2 is not. From another dealer today I heard that the hold up is with CF2 , the rear...
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    Memory seats

    Probably a silly question , and it really does not matter to me but do the bw’s come with memory seats?
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    A sales manager from a cadillac dealer in texas posted on another blackwing site that last week allocations to dealers outside the initial 500 had started….. anyone can confirm this?
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    Cars baking??

    Anyone see this on another blackwing site on fb ?
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    Im a big fan of ppf and ceramic coating. I am hoping to get my 5 from a local dealer, but have an order in from a dealer about 4 hours from my house. If i have to drive the car home the 4 hours on highways, i will be bringing a couple of rolls of painters tape along to put on the front clip...
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    Just saw this on a fb site.....
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    Sittin around drinking.... out of the 44 here with status codes CT5 3 at 0500 8 at 1100 18 at 3000 CT4 3 at 1100 12 at 3000 Color choices both models 1 summit white 7 satin steel 8 black raven 4 rift 7 shadow metallic 4 electric blue 3 wave...
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    Blackwing preview

    Noticed today from a post on another site that the blackwings can be previewed at paul conte cadillac on long island by rsvp thos weekend.... how can we find out what the schedule is for these cars at dealers around the country... im willing to drive a bit to see the 5 . Surprised they have...
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    Gas guzzler tax

    Thought i saw a discussion of this but cant find it. In regards to gas guzzler tax for the 5 , has it been determined yet what the combined city/ hwy mileage will be? On my recently sold 2019 corvette z06 , the combined city / highway was 21 mpg , which should have been a candidate for the...
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    Satin steel

    Noticed out of all the cars on the tracker, only 2 went with satin steel on the 5 I went to a local caddy dealer today and saw a ct5 in satin steel, think im changing my order to this from white With all the carbon fiber bits im getting, think it will look badass
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    License plate bracket

    Noticed on someones build it listed as an option front license plate bracket. We dont require these , so hope gm does not just add these and drill any holes
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    Options help

    Can someone please tell me what exactly comes with the PDH interior protection package ? SPY wheel lug nuts , black $240 and SPZ wheel locks black $95 Worth the money? I have selected the alloy with satin graphite dark finish wheels, if i dont order the black lug nuts/locks , what comes...
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    Preliminary order

    So a few days ago, i received from the dealer im buying the car from, a gm workbench preliminary work order number.... what exactly does this mean?
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