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  1. J

    engine temp

    on all of my previous GM performance cars (corvette c6 z06, second gen CTS-V), the engine temp shot up while running at idle or slow traffic to well over 200 because the radiator fans arent programmed to come on until the temp gets higher. with the CT5 blackwing, the engine temp seems to remain...
  2. J

    CT5-V driving in the rain

    i had to drive my car in the rain to work this morning. made me sad. on a related side note, it is far easier to break the tires loose in the rain than it was on my '13 V wagon. a little scary. the air temp was in the 40's so i am sure that is part of the problem. looks like i will have...
  3. J

    CT5-V engine surge / "porpoising"

    hello - i have only had my car for a few days, but i have found on two separate occasions that the engine will surge, with the engine moving up and down in rpm, so that the car surges back and forth while driving. both times it happened while cruising - i am used to this with high performance...
  4. J

    For Sale wheels and snow tires, mounted for CTS-V 2

    for sale - 4 wheels and tires. fit second generation CTS-V. wheels are 18x 9.5, (stock were 19 from factory). These clear the V2 calipers just fine. wheels are Drag Wheels DR-37. the paint is coming off in a couple spots. good shape overall, minor wear. tires are Nokian Hakkapelliita snow...
  5. J

    CT5 exhaust

    Anyone have any leads on louder exhaust for CT5 blackwing? The stock muffler is gigantic. I am thinking of putting exhaust cutouts just before the muffler, where the pipes turn upwards. I had cutouts on my V2 CTS, and it was OK, not fantastic sound, but the price was right.
  6. J

    CT5 aftermarket wheel fitment help

    Hello all - I have a relatively inexpensive 19" wheel that I think will fit the CT5 - i plan to use it for snow tires. I also have an 18" wheel that was used on my Gen 2 CTS-V that i'd like to try out. But my CT5 is delayed for a long time now. I am 15 miles north of NY City. If anyone has a...
  7. J

    For Sale 2013 CTS-V wagon 6 manual stealth blue package

    I am putting up for my sale my favorite car ever (and I have had a bunch!) – 2013 Cadillac CTS-V wagon with 6 speed manual. The car is the “Stealth” edition, which came in a blue metallic (similar to a corvette shade that I think was called lemans blue but I might be wrong). Recaro seats...
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