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  1. RupertH

    Am I the only one that thinks this looks sketchy?

    I don't spend a lot of time watching the new car market, so this may be perfectly reasonable, but it strikes me as odd. A 'used' BW5 at a GMC dealer, with a window sticker? Autotrader says it has 0 miles and they're asking $40K over MSRP...
  2. RupertH

    Will there be a 2023 BW?

    Since it looks like GM's allocation games are going to cost me a car, I'm wondering if anyone has any concrete intel on MY23. My plan was BW this year, new Caddy SUV next year. If there's a 2023 BW and the pricing doesn't go off the rails, I'll certainly try again before I swear off GM products...
  3. RupertH

    Does a Blackwing Escalade soften the brand?

    Been seeing the spy shots, and people talking about whether or not the Escalade with the CT5 BW engine (that's... not a Blackwing?) will be called a Blackwing. So, my question is, if they decide to call it a BW, does that soften the brand? I realize that having a 3-ton, top-heavy behemoth share...
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