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  1. Ungwei

    First check engine light, manual transmission?

    Haven't noticed anything strange actually driving, but I had my first check engine light, along with onstar saying the transmission didn't pass the diagnostic test. Guess I'll need to be calling the service department, but anyone have any advice? Never had any check engine light problems...
  2. Ungwei

    First spirited drive

    After finally getting my car home, I decided to go to my favorite twisties spot for some spirited driving. The car feels so powerful and agile. Rowing through gears is crisp and effortless. I drove this road all the time on my GTI, and it gets quote rough and bumpy in some places, but the...
  3. Ungwei

    Detailing poll

    I finally bit the bullet and scheduled a full front ppf and ceramic coating for my new Blackwing, but I wanted to see what everyone else was planning on doing!
  4. Ungwei

    Aftermarket wheels

    Although I plan using my stock wheels for the most part, I am still considering getting some aftermarket wheels for my 4BW, particularly if I end up modifying it. I know absolutely nothing about aftermarket wheels, what are some quality brands, and what kinds of designs do you think would look...
  5. Ungwei

    discussing pricing with dealer

    Now that my 4BW has been built, I want to get back in touch with my dealer. When I made the initial reservation, my dealer said they wouldn't be marking up the price at all since I was an initial reservation. With everything that has happened with supply line issues and the pandemic, I am a...
  6. Ungwei

    CT5-V Raiti's rides CT5-V BW

    Also from Barrett Jackson like the 4BW video. He mentions again that the 5BW is 0-60 at 3.5 seconds with the automatic. Does that mean the 4BW is 0-60 at 3.8 with the auto or is that with the manual?
  7. Ungwei

    Sports Sedan: Aesthetics vs Practicality

    One of the most obvious advantages of getting a sedan is it's practicality, particularly in space for passengers and cargo. However, for me I find that my biggest reason for wanting a BW over say a corvette or some other two seater sports car is finding a capable car in a stealthy package to be...
  8. Ungwei

    CT4 and CT5 production stops due to chip shortage

    https://www.thedrive.com/news/39779/all-chevy-camaro-production-stops-due-to-chip-shortage A bit worrisome, hopefully this doesn't effect the Blackwings, or at least not the initial reservations. It would be pretty shitty for Cadillac to not prioritize these cars since we've all put down deposits.
  9. Ungwei

    CT4 V Blackwing vs CT4 V appearance

    Since there still is no configurator available, I put my horrible photoshop skills to use again to try to get a better idea of how my configuration of the Blackwing looks compared to a similar color CT4 V, gotta say I really love how aggressive the Blackwing looks in comparison (gives me similar...
  10. Ungwei

    Dealer still can't fill my order

    I haven't been able to yet put my order in with my dealer because he says they haven't received the configurator yet. I'm starting to get a little nervous, giving the limited period of time to switch my deposit to another dealer. Has this been an experience for anyone else? We haven't even...
  11. Ungwei

    Who here will be getting the carbon fiber packages?

    For my ct4v bw I can't decide whether or not to get the carbon fiber aero or not. I do want to go to the track with this car, but it is expensive and I'm not sure if it'd worth it. Think it's worth it aesthetically and performance wise? To me the must have option for track seems to be the...
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