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    What's the Hold Up?

    Rob has been so kind as to create and maintain the Blackwing Order Tracker. According to the order tracker, as of today, it looks like there have been about 33 Blackwings produced. All of them appear to be at status 3800, produced. Anyone have any idea why there is not one of them that has...
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    Blackwing Quarantines

    Anyone know if GM is quarantining the Blackwings that they've built for quality assurance review, etc? Is there anything special being done with these vehicles that would delay their delivery to the dealer? I'm just trying to figure out if I will be waiting 2 weeks for delivery or 2 months...
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    Train vs Truck Shipment

    Does anyone know what governs whether a Blackwing is shipped via truck alone to the dealership or whether it is shipped via train and then truck. My dealership is about 325 miles from the assembly plant. Seems like it would take less time if shipped by truck directly to the dealership versus...
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