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  1. arod221

    CT5-V Blackwing wheel specs?

    @Mirza Grebovic, Is there any way to find out what the factory wheels specs are? It looks like they are 19x9 front and 19x10-11 rear but what are the offsets? trying to prepare a wheel order in advance.
  2. arod221

    Barrett Jackson Auction results

    Well, VIN 001 CT4-V Blackwing sold for $165,000 and VIN 001 CT5-V Blackwing sold for $265,000 I guess my earlier predictions were off by about $85K...still a hell of a haul for these 2 cars.
  3. arod221


    I was just wondering if anyone else is already starting to scheme up some big plans for their CT5-V BW's...I had a buddy do a quick photoshop rendering of a white one lowered with HRE S104SC wheels on it...doesn't look half bad. I am also having Brixton Forged wheel company do some renderings...
  4. arod221

    New here 17 CTS-V with CT5-Blackwing coming

    Hey all, new here to the forum just wanted to introduce myself...My name is Tony a SoCal CTS-V owner 2017 black raven carbon edition with recaros and pano roof. Just recently got on the list for the new CT5 Blackwing. I also own a 2017 ZL1 Camaro making 885WHP that is currently for sale...
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