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    ct5v picture of the inside of the trunk

    Does anyone have a picture of the inside of the trunk under the carpeted mat. Just trying to see what should be included in there. I believe the rear brake duct shields (track only) were in there. Just wondering if my dealer took some stuff out.
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    rough idle

    Hello, have about 1,000miles on the 5 blackwing. When stopped I notice the idle.. it kind of gently shakes the car and the tach is slightly moving up and down. Is this common of the LT-4? Just wondering because my car also had some higher delivery miles.
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    oil change ct5v Blackwing

    Hello, seen a lot of people getting their oil changed at the dealership in 500 or 1500 miles. Just wondering if anyone has done this on their own and if there is anything different that needs to be done? Some of you have better dealerships. Mine left the spacers in, installed the track cooling...
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    who ordered ct4V blackwing from Beverly Hills Cadillac

    I see that my dealer Beverly Hills Cadillac has a CT4V Blackwing coming in. Hoping the owner is a member on here, just wanted to give tham a heads up on my experience so hopefully, they can avoid the same experience.. holes in the front bumper and the "mandatory perma plate" install. Feel free...
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    Dealer installed front license plate

    Hello, my ct5v-Blackwing wasn't going to be PDI till next week so I told the salesperson no front plate.. only to find out that the PDI was done late last night and the front plate was installed. The sales guy confirm they drilled two screws (looks like lag bolts) through the front bumper. I...
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    delivery miles

    hello, my dealer in so cal just got my Blackwing in and it had 36 miles on it. Seems a bit high but I do know it had to go to storage then to rail then to the truck. I see many with 7-8 miles, so wondering if it depends on where you are?
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