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  1. JSatter

    Another Newbie

    Good Advice! I agree...drive your V every chance you get! I was the same - only drove the car when weather was good (or perfect!). Now I drive it every chance I get (not in the snow, however). Why not drive your dream car? Life is too short....Live for today for tomorrow is promised to no one.
  2. JSatter

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome! Now that's what a wagon should look like! Welcome to the V-Net!
  3. JSatter

    new guy here

    Looking for an update! Anything new on the delivery timetable? You must be about due for some good news from Cadillac! Keep us posted!
  4. JSatter

    My Son Bought Me a CTS-V

    Great Story!!! Great Car!!! Welcome to the club! I hope you have many happy years with your new toy!! My story is rather similar...after driving nice, practical cars for many, many years (I was a sales representative-covered the state of WI) I wanted a special car, not just another practical...
  5. JSatter

    new guy here

    Sounds like good news! Well, I hope this will bring your problems to a very happy conclusion! What are they quoting you for an estimated delivery time?
  6. JSatter

    new guy here

    Yikes!!! :ugh: Murphy's Law...once things start to go wrong they keep getting worse! Hope the dealership follows thru and cuts you a great deal on a replacement. Keep us posted and GOOD LUCK.
  7. JSatter

    new guy here

    Good News!!! Well, it sounds like you may well be on the way to a satisfactory conclusion! Hopefully. this fix will take care of all your issues. Sounds like the problem is pretty much resolved. Keep us informed as to how everything is working once you get back on the road. I'm glad you had...
  8. JSatter

    new guy here

    Any (satisfactory) resolution? :confused:Anxiously awaiting a satisfactory outcome to your ongoing dilemma. Any update for us? Hope your problems are soon resolved and you are tearing up the highways!
  9. JSatter

    new guy here

    A big welcome to you! I've had my V for 3 years now and every time I fire it up I get a thrill! Hope this remains the case with you. I agree with your regarding quality control. It must drive Cadillac nuts when they spend so much time on engineering a great car only to have quality control...
  10. JSatter

    2011 CTS-V production numbers

    I've run into the same problem trying to determine how many coupes were produced before mine. My V coupe was built in May of 2010, so it seems that it may be one of the very early production coupes. Cadillac cannot tell me anything regarding production numbers for this time period. Anyone...
  11. JSatter

    Help! Retractable License Plate for Front Bumper

    Thanks Thanks for the help!
  12. JSatter

    Help! Retractable License Plate for Front Bumper

    Has anyone found a suitable retractablefront license plate bracket? I have seen a couple that look like they may work, but most look pretty flimsy. I live in a state that requires a front plate, so I am taking a chance on a ticket everytime I go out without a front plate! Please let me know...
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