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  1. cubby558

    Thoughts & Prayers

    Just wanted to inform everyone here, one of our members; MTRocket was in a terrible fire at is body shop this past week. His business is a total loss and he has burns over 40% of his body. He was airlifted to Denver and is currently in the ICU burn unit. Prognonsis is good, but he will be in ICU...
  2. cubby558

    12 Hours of Sebring

    Anyone here heading down to Sebring next week for the race?? I'll be heading down in the V next Wednesday and meeting up with friends from IN and FL for the race weekend. We'll be hanging out at the Audi Turn One area and the Corvette corral.
  3. cubby558

    World Challenge, ALMS & Indy Car @ Mid-OHIO

    Several of us Midwest XLR owners are headed to Mid-Ohio Race course for a combined weekend event. The World Challenge has two races over the weekend, the ALMS also has two races and Sunday has an Indy Car race as the finale. Should be another great event with our XLR/CTS friends!!:smile::smile:
  4. cubby558

    Corsa Exhaust

    Has anyone installed a Corsa Exhaust on their V yet? Just ordered the Sport axle back system for my V Coupe, wondering if it is a DIY install. Don't have a lift yet, but can get the car up enough with jack stands.
  5. cubby558

    Gilmore Auto Museum--Hickory Corners, MI

    For anyone interseted, there is a group of XLR's, a CTS-V and Corvettes meeting up this weekend at the Gilmore Auto Museum for their opening 'Dust it Off" casual car show (Saturday, May 19th). Many of us will be coming in on Friday night and caravaning to the museum Saturday morning. We are all...
  6. cubby558

    Added to my V collection!!

    After searching for what seemed liked months, I found a 2011 CTS-V Coupe with 5300 miles to go along with my 2006 Infra Red XLR-V. I've scheduled to fly down to New Orleans and drive it back to the Chicago area next Friday. Can't wait!! A preview of what will be added to my garage: Cubby558
  7. cubby558

    Team Cadillac Hats!!

    A friend & I have Team Cadillac hats that were made for the Cadillac CTS-V race team that we are selling. We have about 70-80 left. The hats are $18 plus shipping of$4 via USPS. We also accept Paypal. Here are some pictures of the hats. The hats are officially licensed by GM, they are not...
  8. cubby558

    Another XLR-NET forum member

    Hi all, Wandered over form the xlr-net site. Have a '06 XLR-V, Infrared with custom ebony & shale interior. I'll get some pics posted in the gallery later. The site looks great, Rob!! Cubby558 :cool: 'If you want to blend in, Take the Bus!!'
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