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  1. Soundman414

    What is everyone's go-to wheel cleaner??

    Adams Iron Remover: Adam's Iron Remover
  2. Soundman414

    CT4-V Blackwing...kind of slow

    Chasing HP only goes so far. There aren't a lot of cars that tick a ton of boxes. Usually, there are compromises that an enthusiast doesn't like; cost, reliability, daily usability, and more. You also need to consider the situation we are in with enthusiast cars... it's both thriving and dying...
  3. Soundman414

    Windshield Tint

    No no. Like it only blocks 5%. It's nearly clear.
  4. Soundman414

    Windshield Tint

    lol No, not a ton... mostly for heat rejection. The other windows I got 35% on.
  5. Soundman414

    Windshield Tint

    I got a 5% on the front and no issues.
  6. Soundman414

    Apex Wheels for CT4-V Blackwing

    When they become available in Satin Bronze, I'm getting a set!
  7. Soundman414

    Winter Wheels and Tires

    Just wanted to let anyone who's been searching, know that Fitment Industries has two... literally only two sets of the Alpin PA4s in stock for the CT4 BW. Get em before someone else does. Rear: Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 265 35R18XL | MIC29830 | Fitment Industries Front (XL load rating)...
  8. Soundman414

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    I detailed her. She's purdy when she's not dirty... which is everyday for a black car.
  9. Soundman414

    Camaro dead in 2024 - Blackwing next?

    I think the execs at Cadillac are dead set on EV as soon as possible. From the various interviews of engineers and team leaders during the launches of both the Blackwings and the Escalade V, this is the last hurrah for ICE + Caddy. GM is already going to make another generation of V8 engines...
  10. Soundman414

    4BW wheel fitment question

    IDK if you have FB. If you do, join =AZXT2iehyc-ptWdxU4x1uzmPxG9mAc12Iac94xKrZlDKJe1KcMU10QuvtegX0k1lVEuDl3DhNStiIqCywWPZcPU-dNHQRU6cs2ojnXUfLBlCBMvEuhsOVor9nH7zDib-dgn5CMXRMW7xTLHkS3Wp5m2C&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R']CT4/CT4-V/CT4-V Blackwing Owners and look up Rick Wade's post from a few days ago. He...
  11. Soundman414

    Radar Detector Selection

    Vortex Radar is definitely one of your best resources for deciding. https://www.vortexradar.com/ https://www.youtube.com/@VortexRadar
  12. Soundman414

    CT4-V Rear wing is warping in the heat

    Well, seems like it's on me. I went for a third time and they tried again... within an hour it was warping. Shop manager said at the very end that if I want to bring a replacement wing from cadillac, they'd be happy to install. *rolls eyes* So, I think I'll give it a shot with what all of you...
  13. Soundman414

    CT4-V Rear wing is warping in the heat

    So, a few months ago someone rear ended me at like 8 mph. The damage was minimal and the other person's insurance paid for the repairs at a very reputable body/repair shop. For some reason, they removed and reinstalled the rear wing. After they did, the wing warped when in direct sunlight and...
  14. Soundman414

    CT5-V LMP Mods for the CT5 BW

    They just posted this today. This with a JB4 would be killer.
  15. Soundman414

    What would you do? Less than a year ownership, 5th warranty related issue.

    Update: They checked and the brand new exhaust valve caused the same CEL. They ordered a brand new exhaust valve and when it comes in, they will install and see if that takes care of it. If it doesn't they will order a brand new "exhaust system". Not sure exactly what that mean... but my guess...
  16. Soundman414

    What would you do? Less than a year ownership, 5th warranty related issue.

    I do love the car... Just, maybe not this one. hahah Yeah, I think I'm going to ask the dealership and service manager that if this continues over the next year, if they can see about getting me into a different one and I not lose out on the equity in the car, as these usually keep their value...
  17. Soundman414

    What would you do? Less than a year ownership, 5th warranty related issue.

    So, I got my 4BW in June of last year. Since then I've only put 7,800 miles on the car, but have had to go to the dealership many times. 1. Interior trim pieces were popping out in the headliner and on the dash, they got it to stick in, but it's still malformed. 2. Passenger seat-belt...
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