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  1. hawk02

    Pic of 5BW engine bay

    Here's my engine bay. No special lid but I did replace the plastic cover with a carbon fiber one from LightWurkz. I also applied Cerakote Trimcoat to all the plastic pieces.
  2. hawk02

    Anyone installed the Anderson carbon fiber hood on their BW ?

    I like the look of the vent in the center hood. However, the requirements for the heat shielding and hood pins are show stoppers for me. And as 668LT4 said, the paint strip between the hood and the grill pretty much forces you to paint the hood to make it look right. Really what we need is...
  3. hawk02

    Show Us Your 5BW Engine Bay

    I'm looking for some ideas to dress up the engine bay on my 5BW. I would love to see what other members have done. So far I've applied Cerakote Ceramic Trim Coat to all the plastic pieces and replaced the engine cover with a carbon fiber one. On the list of things to do is powder coating...
  4. hawk02

    CT5-V BW Carbon Fiber Engine Cover

    Yes, it would. I had the stock air box on my ZL1 skinned in carbon fiber. It turned out amazing although the cost to do it was pricey.
  5. hawk02

    CT5-V BW Carbon Fiber Engine Cover

    I bit and purchased the carbon fiber engine cover manufactured by LightWurkz for my CT5-V BW. Paragon Performance sells it for $499 but I found it $50 cheaper at Mont Motorsports. They only charged $10 to ship it by FedEx and it was shipped within 24 hrs of my order. The carbon fiber quality...
  6. hawk02

    Where can I get black side markers?

    I just installed the smoked, amber LED side markers from Savage Cadillac. Boy, what a difference a small change like that can make to the appearance of the car.
  7. hawk02

    2023 CT5-V BW with Low Brake Fluid

    As it turns out the fluid wasn't low. The dot 4 fluid is so light It is hard to see the level in the opaque reservoir, especially in sunlight. I had to hold a flashlight to the reservoir and the level was at the max.
  8. hawk02

    Pics of your Blackwing in regular parking spots

    Thanks! The previous owner blacked out the front and rear Cadillac emblems. The gray body color is actually a wrap. The top is the Raven Black color of the entire car.
  9. hawk02

    2023 CT5-V BW with Low Brake Fluid

    Looking for some advice here. I just bought a used 2023 CT5-V BW with approximately 10,000 miles on it. The brake fluid level in the reservoir is below the minimum level. There is no brake light on the dash and the brake pedal feels fine. There's no excessive travel or mushiness in the pedal...
  10. hawk02

    Hoo boy- 90 mile Auto CT5 BW 74k reserve not met

    I've got both 1 and 2 CF on my 23 BW. It was originally purchased in late January '23 so I'm guessing the build date was late '22.
  11. hawk02

    Searching for the Part number of the Radiator Fan Cover

    Does anyone know the part number or name of the part outlined in red? I've searched a dozen online parts catalogs and can't find this part. Thanks!
  12. hawk02

    CT5-V Time To Part Ways

    I get that a high-revving engine pulling to redline is great for the track but how useable is that for street driving? 460 ft-lb of torque at 6300 RPM is about the same as the LT2 in the Stingray. I have a C8 Stingray and I can tell you from experience that it's a quick car but no way will it...
  13. hawk02

    Steering wheel data plate

    I get that the second number refers to the transmission and the last three numbers are the last three digits of the VIN, but what does the first number reflect? My steering wheel number is 86-475. I've got a '23 M6 CT5 BW.
  14. hawk02

    Coming from 6th Gen Camaro ZL1 to 2023 CT5-V Blackwing

    Thanks! I haven't decided what I'm going to do next Saturday. Lots of Central Ohio car events on the schedule. I own and operate the website carshowtalk.com so I'm up on most if not all the car shows, cruise-ins, and meet-ups in the area.
  15. hawk02

    CT5-V Finally in my Garage! 2024 CT5 BW

    Congrats! I just purchased a used 2023 M6 Blackwing that was sold new from Cincinnati Cadillac in January of 2023.
  16. hawk02

    Coming from 6th Gen Camaro ZL1 to 2023 CT5-V Blackwing

    The Cadillac is a little more practical car. Also I wanted the added features of the Cadillac such as wireless charging, wireless Apple Car Play, 360 camera view. The 18 more HP didn’t hurt either. I only test drove the Cadillac. I pick the car up today. The ride was a significant...
  17. hawk02

    Coming from 6th Gen Camaro ZL1 to 2023 CT5-V Blackwing

    Hello Everyone, Today I traded my M6 2017 Camaro ZL1 for a 2023 CT5-V Blackwing M6. The M6 Blackwing is the ONLY car I would trade my Camaro for. Looking forward to being a member of the forum and learning all there is to learn about the latest generation of Blackwing.
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