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  1. Shholliday

    Texas CT5VBW here

  2. Shholliday

    CT5-V Locking Driver’s Side Door Using Cadillac Symbol on Handle

    It should just require a short touch with your finger. Don't push or swipe.
  3. Shholliday

    Rear reflector mod from amazon

    I just ordered a set. Thank you for the detailed writeups.
  4. Shholliday

    5BW daily driver

    I DD mine for sure! She still puts a smile on my face with every trip. Yes, the gas mileage is not good but the "smiles per mile" is a winner!
  5. Shholliday

    Horn Issues

    If you are concerned about your horn, have it checked out. My issue was that my horn did not sound. It is definitely a safety issue. The Cadillac dealership ended up replacing the steering wheel.
  6. Shholliday

    Horn Issues

    Hey btown. If yours is light sounding there is something wrong. I had to hit mine today and it is attention getting like most other horns.
  7. Shholliday

    Water on the Driver's side floor mat and carpet

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Here's the update. The sunroof drain tube was disconnected. Thanks for everyone's help! I should have her back next week. I have been driving the CT5 AWD model. I really miss my BW5!!!
  8. Shholliday

    Water on the Driver's side floor mat and carpet

    Thanks to all of you. I have called my service advisor to let him know to check the windshield seam. The sunroof has already been ruled out.
  9. Shholliday

    Water on the Driver's side floor mat and carpet

    Hey everyone! I have a very strange issue. I was cleaning my car at the end of September and noticed that my floor mat and carpet underneath the mat was wet. I brought her in to the dealership to determine the issue and correct what was wrong. The technician determined that the lower...
  10. Shholliday

    LED Side Markers

    They were $10.00 or something close to that price. Very easy to install.
  11. Shholliday

    Global B is unlocked with HPTuners

    Nice eye, I've had a few of those! Sometimes you're the hammer and sometimes you're the nail! It was stated before that headers without a tune would only help with the sound of the BW5. I have done the porting and tb so I'm wondering if I should just have her tuned now or go the...
  12. Shholliday

    Got a quote for a custom exhaust

    No doubt about it! I was quoted about 5K for this option, installed. This is what I'm doing for sure.
  13. Shholliday

    New from Houston

    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you on the road.
  14. Shholliday

    Porting Supercharger and TB...

    I have been for six months now. For me a ported TB, Nick Williams 103mm TB and green filter added 86HP at the flywheel. No codes ever! Very noticeable power adder!
  15. Shholliday

    Tapout tuning CT5 blackwing build review (now WITH videos!)

    Thank you for that information, @Carguyshu
  16. Shholliday

    Tapout tuning CT5 blackwing build review (now WITH videos!)

    I have the ported blower, new throttle body currently. I'm going to go with the Kooks headers with high flow cats (stock mufflers), pulley swap and cooler plugs. I'm going to wait for @WONT TAP to manufacture their new intake. After seeing the results they had on the CT4 BW, I'm going to wait...
  17. Shholliday

    Factory carbon issues

    Just kidding! All in good fun.
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