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  1. JB5359

    Tuned CT4 Blackwing Makes 616 WHP with a few mods

    They are definitely responding well to mods! Which downpipe does it have?
  2. JB5359

    BOV sound

    I put turbosmarts on mine and it makes all of the good sounds.
  3. JB5359

    JB4 Maps

    There isn't a comparison, really haha. Brown Belt is significantly faster. It pulls insanely hard. I still had a lot of fun with the JB4/Boostane, and its a great amount of power in the car. In fact, I still have an E30 tune around that 550whp mark for track days. Then I have a 93+meth or...
  4. JB5359

    JB4 Maps

    I ran BOOSTane for a while when I had the Jb4. Had custom settings from Tapout though. It was good 551whp. I have a ton of BOOSTane still if you decide to go that route. I ended up going full brown belt a while back.
  5. JB5359

    CT4 V Blackwing Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft

    I don't have it yet. Probably a couple more weeks. Cadillac Attack slowed things down and my car is up in OH and I'm down here in TX so need to get it shipped back down here.
  6. JB5359

    Skip shift on CT4v Blackwing

    Man, it is so timely to see this post pop up . I installed the mod to eliminate skip shift in my V1 just a couple of days ago.
  7. JB5359

    Tapout Tuned CT4-V Blackwing Hits Nines!

    Very nice! Need to get the issues figured out with mine so I can join you in the 9s!
  8. JB5359

    Tapout's Flagship CT4-V Blackwing Tops 700 whp!

    They have those too, cowboy
  9. JB5359

    Tapout's Flagship CT4-V Blackwing Tops 700 whp!

    Anything specific you are wanting to see? There are quite a few threads here showing other builds.
  10. JB5359

    CT5-V Front Splitter Clips Part number?

    You need 6. Just helped a buddy do this. He hit up Tapout and they sold him the clips. Unfortunately I don’t know the part number.
  11. JB5359

    4BW hood with carbon insert

    Haha I can't blame you. Could be some tricky fitment with that too.
  12. JB5359

    4BW hood with carbon insert

    That looks pretty cool! Carbon hood looks really good on those colors!
  13. JB5359

    4BW hood with carbon insert

    Haha no worries. I'm sure there will be other designs over time, but I'm really happy with this one, especially since it is the only one in the world right now!
  14. JB5359

    4BW hood with carbon insert

    Hey folks, just got my new hood painted and wanted to share with everyone. Definitely loving the new look. This is a prototype from Tapout. They are making a few more changes to perfect the design before releasing to the public but you will get the idea from my pic.
  15. JB5359

    CT4 turbos..

    Alright I took a video where you can hear some blow off but the video still doesn’t pick it up well.
  16. JB5359

    CT4 turbos..

    I don’t have stock turbos or stock inlets anymore. The BOVs add another layer of turbo noises if that’s what you’re after, but the downpipes make the biggest different in my experience.
  17. JB5359

    CT4 turbos..

    The blowoff is hard to capture on video, but I plan to make more attempts soon. The second post on this thread has a clip of my car.
  18. JB5359

    716whp CT4-V Blackwing

    I have Nitto 555RIIs on there now.
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