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  1. shbox

    Northeast trip recommendations

    I had pinned Acadia NP, which is nearby. :)
  2. shbox

    Northeast trip recommendations

    Hey, all. Planning a trip/tour to the northeast (PA, NY, VT, NH, MA, MN...) this fall. If you would like to share any tips on timing for fall colors (important) and favorite scenic roads, parks, that would be cool. Haven't been to this part of the country before. Already planning to hit the...
  3. shbox

    Order bank open date 2025 CT5V BW?

    Yes, 1100 is order submitted.
  4. shbox

    Order bank open date 2025 CT5V BW?

    Yes, that is the order number. You can use the Cadillac virtual assistant at Cadillac.com to get status. Here is the current result: "Looking up your vehicle status by Vehicle Order Number...DQBMRN Your order has been submitted by your dealer but has not officially been accepted by GM at...
  5. shbox

    Order bank open date 2025 CT5V BW?

    If there is an order, the dealer should be able to provide you with the 6 digit order number (or even print out the order with its details).
  6. shbox

    Media dumps

    Most polite review you are ever going to see. :)
  7. shbox

    CT5-V 2025 CT5-V Blackwing pricing

    From year to year, I don't think anyone has had any foreknowledge of when this happens.
  8. shbox

    CT4-V Muffler delete + Downpipes? Anyone do this?

    The gov't got hold of the O2 sim folks and fined them out of existence.
  9. shbox

    5BW Squeak from rear wheel area

    I had terrible sounding scrape/squeak caused by a small piece of gravel (with a little tar on it) stuck next to the brake pad.
  10. shbox

    Blown Motor

    Sadly this is what happens after some customers have been to places like this. :eek:
  11. shbox

    CT5-V Reluctant to change oil despite 0% life remaining

    GM's oil change algorithm factors in time and they recommend a change at least once a year, no matter what.
  12. shbox

    Reduced Accelaration

    The first thing I do when I get a check engine light is get out the scanner. I don't like to be at the mercy of others telling me things I can find out myself. Even if you can't self-repair, you can go to a shop with some foreknowledge.
  13. shbox

    Pics of your Blackwing in regular parking spots

    The most awesome time for black.
  14. shbox

    Order bank open date 2025 CT5V BW?

    I thought this was a 5BW thread. ;)
  15. shbox

    Alarm goes off for no reason.

    Pretty sure they need to read your fob, first. That's why the criminals come near to your door (to find the signal from the key).
  16. shbox

    Alarm goes off for no reason.

    I keep my key and the spare (wife's) in their own faraday pouches. As I understand it, a relay attack has to find one of the keys otherwise it is not going to work.
  17. shbox

    CT4-V 2025 CT4V Blackwing - 1100 Preliminary Order Accepted Today

    1100 does not mean it has an allocation. It merely means the order has been placed by the dealer. 2000 is when it is accepted by GM.
  18. shbox

    General configuration questions

    The 5 manual says the same thing, but Sport mode does persist after key off.
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