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    2025 Fat A** BMW M5

    It just LOOKS heavy moving around, and sounds like nothing.
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    2025 Fat A** BMW M5

    New M2 does have a (BMW) manual.
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    CT5-V 2025 CT5-V Blackwing pricing

    Other than it consistently shows up a month or two AFTER new model year production starts, which is dumb. I want to say sometime in July-August typically.
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    2025 Fat A** BMW M5

    That Shadowline trim really popped for that model year.
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    CT5-V 2025 CT5-V Blackwing pricing

    By my math, isn't it more like $15k for auto and $12k for manual vs. 2022? Roughly 15% inflation over 3 years is significant, but IMO they were underpriced to begin with. $85k MSRP for a base manual in '22 was a steal.
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    2025 Fat A** BMW M5

    The new C63S PHEV has also been panned because of its weight, plus the 4-cyl engine. It's 4,750lbs vs. ~4,150lbs for the prior gen, which was V8 but RWD. So in going PHEV, adding AWD but losing 4 cylinders, it gained ~600lbs. This M5 already had AWD, and basically the same engine. So in simply...
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    2025 Fat A** BMW M5

    For context, it's 295lbs heavier than a top-end 760i xDrive, and within ~50lbs of an X5 M and base X7. It's actually more than a Model X Plaid, a 6-passenger electric SUV that would leave this for dead at the lights. As a former E39 M5 and current 5BW owner, I feel validated in my choices. I'm...
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    Used Value Trend

    I had a '20 Civic Type R before the 5BW (and after an '11 M3 and '01 M5, all manual). If something happened to my BW I'd get another one without a doubt, but if I had to cut my budget in half I wouldn't be upset at all with a CTR or Integra Type S. They have an eagerness and tenacity that is...
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    What "don't" you like about your BW"?

    It's frustrating that they A) chose the exact same indicator color as the turn signal, and B) don't have an audible warning. The system is there but is just about useless IMO, and these changes would cost virtually nothing. My wife's 2-generation-old C-class has an audible warning AND the...
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    Pics of your Blackwing in regular parking spots

    It's funny how even with so few defining features in this pic, I instantly knew it was Alice's!
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    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    Such awesome photos!! I'm hoping to take mine there soon. Did you change brake fluid?
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    Shitty buttons

    For me (normal sized dude, not old and arthritic) it's more about reducing wear on the seats. Those big side bolsters make getting in while the seat is in my driving position a high-friction affair. Much easier with it programmed to move back.
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    Pics of your Blackwing in regular parking spots

    Looks amazing! What show is this?
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    How is the CT5V BW in mundane driving?

    I had mine from 2009-2015, drove it 29k miles and sold it to a friend for $5k+ more than I paid (it was in much better shape than when I bought it though). While I absolutely loved the E39 M5 and it was amazing for the time (and still looks wonderful), in comparison to the 5BW: Engine has a...
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    How is the CT5V BW in mundane driving?

    Even though it's a comfy, somewhat heavy luxury sedan, it really is pretty engaging in "boring" driving. The engine sound, torque and character, the crisp shifter and clutch, the communicative steering, the variable drive modes - they all add to the experience. I've almost always had a sedan + a...
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    Cadillac Smart Driver and Privacy Concerns

    Sorry if already mentioned, but if you are affected by this and live in California, go to consumer.risk.lexisnexis.com. as a CA resident you can easily submit a request to have your info deleted and fully opt out of selling personal information.
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    Sirius XM PSA

    I've also been successful negotiating the $6/mo deal via chat.
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    Quirks of my 5BW

    I've also had the horn honking when I close the trunk. I'm pretty sure it's the honk to notify that you left the key in the car, and it's going off because you're close enough with the key that it thinks you're inside. Pretty annoying as it's damn loud in the garage. Another minor glitch in...
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    GM Press Release: Introducing the 2025 Cadillac CT5-V and CT5-V Blackwing

    Same. It took me a good week or two for my eyes to adjust to the camera mirror, but now they can instantly refocus. And the trunk release I realized just takes a slower movement than I was doing (more a wave than a kick).
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    R33 GTR as 4BW companion?

    I kind of agree. I had a 2002 for 3.5 years (bought in 2013 w/47k miles for $13k, needed nothing!) and added 23k miles including tracking and dailying. I might get some grief for this, but out of the 7 cars I've owned now, even though I'd love another S2000 I have to say it was my least...
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