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  1. FI Fiend

    CT4-V Some thoughts after test driving an auto 4-v blackwing, and asking for some advice regarding manual vs auto

    That's funny, I was gonna say the opposite.. kept getting faster auto cars, last being a hellcat, and wasn't ever feeling satisfied. Doing paddle shifts at 3-4k rpms just doesn't have much drama for me so prefer a manual In fact now I scout used challenger hellcat 6MTs sometimes when I miss a...
  2. FI Fiend

    CT4-V blackwing vs cayman gts 4.0 vs z06

    Not for nothing the blackwing gears are decently long too even in a 4. You can't wind out anything more than 2nd at legal-ish speeds. I would rather shift one gear then flap a paddle 10 times. It also makes it more fun/engaging at lower speeds and non redline. According to quick googling the...
  3. FI Fiend

    Spring Mountain Track Times

    Car: CT4 M6 Track: North Best Lap: 1:29 Autocross: 29.37 Got a little too aggressive day 2 and went into the gravel! We had watched a video showing full throttle acceleration out of turn 1b so I went for it but I wasn't pointed straight yet and lost the rear. Went thru a couple corrections...
  4. FI Fiend

    Spring Mountain Impressions

    Nice, I'm in deptford area so pretty close by you
  5. FI Fiend

    Spring Mountain Impressions

    I didn't realize they had weekend spots, I'm set for next week 12th-13th
  6. FI Fiend

    CT4-V What to get after blackwing? <55K USD

    Lexus RCF could be an option if you want something a little different and with a great character V8. Also should be good on the reliability and depreciation side. Lotus Evora may be interesting too and technically is a +2 with manual option. Toyota powertrain though otherwise cant speak to...
  7. FI Fiend

    Potential Used CT4-V Blackwing Buyer - Things to Look for?

    There were a couple other inquiries recently about pulling over rev info but I haven't seen anything definitive on how to retrieve that info. I have to imagine that it would be stored on the ECU. Probably over thinking it, but I have heard other GM vehicles and brands having warranties denied...
  8. FI Fiend

    For the sake of resale value I hope this is a mistake

    Definitely a good value for the next person, but I think spending $14k or so over 2 years is good for the first owner too. You basically worked out a 0 down, ~$600/month lease over 24 months on the BW which is a great deal
  9. FI Fiend

    New tire setup or tires for my ct4-v Blackwing for the track

    The specific tire/compound may be the biggest factor, but the sizing differences would also impact handling. You rim and sidewalk are larger as is the width and resultant contact patch. The turn in, body roll/weight transfer, and other handling characteristics would all be affected. All...
  10. FI Fiend

    Does your BW go fully into every gear when the engine is off?

    Mine does not engage all gears, seemingly goes 'halfway' in some cases and generally lacks smoothness Also have some of the operational issues folks have noted including the 'crunchy/notchy' 2nd gear shift and occasional popping out of 1st. I'll be going to SM nearterm and am interested to...
  11. FI Fiend


    Yeah, when I got my charger I saw that the top speed was 127 mph. Having a manual in the mix though feels like more damage could be done so would be nice to know whether new or used if there's a way to specifically check any codes for things like over rev
  12. FI Fiend

    Very odd, very specific issue with break in period (more of a PSA for anyone with less than 500 miles)

    Interesting timing, I was recently thinking about this relative to 'money shifting' particularly during the break in period (my car had 200 miles at purchase so started worrying about anything that could've happened). I was curious if it logged that on the ECU, but maybe it just isn't possible...
  13. FI Fiend


    Did you get any additional info on this? A friend just scared me recently discussing dealer transfer stories (attendants driving cars between dealers). My car had ~200 miles on it new so got me thinking... It sounds like the ECU may store over rev conditions for warranty reasons but haven't...
  14. FI Fiend

    NJ Cars & Coffee - March 30th

    Regular V fake BW badge what do I win
  15. FI Fiend

    NJ Cars & Coffee - March 30th

    Had to make a 'speedy' exit, but nice meeting you fellas earlier. Great showing, gonna make this part of the regular routine
  16. FI Fiend

    NJ Cars & Coffee - March 30th

    I'm planning to go
  17. FI Fiend

    Opinions on PPF options

    Any issues/regrets? I was thinking maybe the brake dust would be more noticeable, or road debris causing chips easily etc
  18. FI Fiend

    Opinions on PPF options

    Looks great man. Which rims did you have to start? And how much did they charge to do the gloss black?
  19. FI Fiend

    CT4-V CT4-V BW vs Camaro ZL1 vs C8 Z51

    Nice, I like it. I went opposite way charger to BW, gotta try them all!
  20. FI Fiend

    CT4-V Question about financing incentives for CT4-V Blackwing

    Anybody seeking new or used car financing should check out United States Senate Federal Credit Union Aside from specials like this direct thru the car companies, I've found their rates the lowest (right now they are at 5.74 for 72, 5.99 for 84 on new auto loans)
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