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    Fuse block by drivers door

    Does anyone know if there are any "ignition on" fuses in the block by the drivers door in the side of the dash before I go pulling it all apart? There isn't anything in the trunk fuse block that's only hot when the ignition is on so hoping there might be one in the driver's fuse block.
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    What "don't" you like about your BW"?

    Even though the engine is bigger (3.6 vs 2.9), the Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio sounds WAAYYYYY better from the factory.
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    Power Steering warning

    So far it's fixed. The dealer replaced the rack and had to reprogram the EPS (Electronic Power Steering) module. Haven't had the issue come back.
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    CT5-V 5BW CEL, issue identified

    Perhaps searching a Camaro ZL1 forum might help finding issues? Same engine....I've had to do that with multiple GM vehicles.
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    Anyone Foul an RR12YS Plug in 7000 miles?

    Not sure if you have a 4 or a 5. Any forced air induction car is extremely hard on plugs and the manufacturers recommendation of 100k is a joke. Plugs should be changed at a minimum of every 20k-25k. If the car is running a hard tune, every 10k is in order. My other car, as I've stated many...
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    Need some help with camera install

    After all the stupid drivers I've encountered lately, I decided it was time to get off my lazy butt and install my 2 channel cameras. It has a battery that it uses when it's parked and th ignition is off. But I need it to charge that battery when it's running. My question is this....Does...
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    Ct4 v Blackwing air filter install

    That's kind of where I'm at. On my other 3 turbo cars, oiled air filters are an issue with MAF sensors. This creates a CEL on those 3 cars and its extremely hard to diagnose. Now that we know on our forums, the minute someone gets a code related to boost, we ask if theyre using an oiled air...
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    Ct4 v Blackwing air filter install

    So I have a question for all of you that have used oiled aftermarket air filters. Has this messed with your MAF sensors yet? Normally oiled air filters will set CEL after some use. Just wondering.
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    New Ct4V Blackwing check engine light from dealer

    P3175 is for active exhaust valves. I just had this and dealer ordered new exhaust. It states it for an EV, but dealer assured me it was the active exhaust valves.
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    People with the Sky Cool Gray seats; any regrets?

    I have them. I wear jeans every day to work. I have not have any blue fade onto the seats yet. Get a good ceramic coating for leather and coat them for safe measures.
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    Car is confused

    So the issue is the active exhaust valves. Dealer called and said they needed to order thise, then he went on to say an entire exhaust system. I don't believe that I have aftermarket exhaust, but now I'm wondering.... I bought the car in September with 12k miles.
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    Car is confused

    I've had some on and off CEL issues the last 3 days in the cold. Today it was on and wouldn't remote start so I called onstar and they ran a diag. Apparently my car now identifies as an EV. Has anyone had this happen?
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    Blackwings and Watches

    I had to give up watch collecting when I started my current job. When my boss calls, I have to answer or he calls all of my employees looking for me. So I had to go smartwatch. :( I used to collect microbrand automatics and would buy 1 or 2 a month. Off the wall stuff like Deep Blue and Out...
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    Subwoofer Install

    Leaving the ANC active with any aftermarket sound equipment is usually impossible. I was looking at adding a sub to my 1LE, but the ANC couldn't be bypassed. And I wanted to leave that as the car was loud enough already. And if I do anything to my BW, I will NOT be losing my ANC!!!
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    Power Steering warning

    I did have the wiring recall done. By 1970 powersteering, I mean you sneeze on the wheel and it turns. Very, very, very little effort to turn the wheel now. I've turned Vmode on and off several times. That's how I got the warning the first time. I accidentally hit mode, then quickly pressed...
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    Power Steering warning

    I just got the POWER STEERING ISSUE DETECTED POWER ASSIST WILL BE REDUCED SOON PLEASE SERVICE POWER STEERING After the message went off, I have hardly any resistance at all to the steering. It feels like I'm driving something from 1970. I have an appointment, but they said if the message...
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    CT5-V Junk fees on purchase of new car.

    Perma plate??? Is that vehicle protection? I can tell you...tell them you aren't interested. You can put that $1200 toward ppf or a ceramic coating that will last much longer and protect your car much longer. You're paying for a piece of paper and a substance that takes them 20min to install...
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    Code P0300 - Should I be worried?

    So with GM and all other makes, you can "pend" a code. Which means that the computer detected an anomoly, and if it happens another x-times, the CEL will set. Many people don't know this. I had an issue on my other car where boost was cut in half, but no CEL. I would have a "pending" p2178...
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    If you order from Savage, they supply you with a small common screwdriver. Find the tab, push the screwdriver up into that tab on the mirror and pry inward. The light pops out. Disconnect the 2 wires and reconnect on the new puddle light and insert till it clicks. Align the light by twisting...
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    CT5-V Blackwing preignition / pinging

    The stock PCM should adjust the timing for any fuel down to 87 to keep the engine safe. Unless, you've tuned it. I have a 2.0L turbo car that is dyno tuned that absolutely MUST have 93. My recommendation is try a little "octane" boost in a can and see if it helps. Don't use the entire...
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