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  1. Kimkeys99

    Cheap "Mod" Upper Trunk Liner

    Just placed an order for one. Thanks for the information.
  2. Kimkeys99

    Front and Rear Parking Sensor Retrofit

    I am also scheduled for 3/31 for the retrofit.
  3. Kimkeys99

    The Wave Metallic thread

    I traded my 2023 Genesis G70 3.3T for it. I do not regret it. My wife thinks I am a Caddy fan boy now…Lol
  4. Kimkeys99

    The Wave Metallic thread

    Just picked up my daily driver from the Blackwing King @ Sewell. Just finished Gtechniq CSL and Evo v4 coating. The Wave Blue color is definitely a head turner.
  5. Kimkeys99

    CT4 V BW locking fuel door?

    Did you ever figure out why it was not locking? My 2023 V is not locking either. Just picked it up yesterday and it was doing it after all door were locked. I double check and my BW locks it, when all of the doors are locked.
  6. Kimkeys99

    Subwoofer Install

    Is there a huge difference without the ANC?
  7. Kimkeys99

    Black Emblems

    I got them from here: https://deepbluechrome.com/products/cadillac-ct5-v-black-carbon-fiber-emblem-set
  8. Kimkeys99

    Black Emblems

    They came out great. I had the dealer install them before I picked up my car.
  9. Kimkeys99

    Blackwing King/#1 Stunna

    @1StunnaV !!!!! Dustin thanks for making a dream come true. I also want to shot out Ten Flat for the awesome ceramic detailing. This is what my car looked like from the factory, followed by what Kurt @TenFlat was able to do. This is simply some amazing detailing. I am still speechless.
  10. Kimkeys99

    What made you choose a Blackwing and what else did you consider?

    After 2 1/2 years, I was ready to move on from my 7spd manual C7 Grand Sport. I got the itch for a new car. Checked out and test drove the LC500 at Sewell in Fort Worth. I wanted the BW but heard it was nearly impossible to get one. Then one day in January while I was on Facebook, a buddy of...
  11. Kimkeys99

    Blackwing Order Tracking - 2022 Model Year

    @Rob you can remove me from the tracker. My car arrived at the dealership today. VIN 860403 built on February 25th.
  12. Kimkeys99

    Blackwing Order Tracking - 2022 Model Year

    Congratulations!!! I am also in the Fort Worth area and my car has been moving around the DFW for 24 days counting today. I am hoping it comes in by Monday before my approval expires😞
  13. Kimkeys99

    Blackwing Order Tracking - 2022 Model Year

    No, it hasn’t arrived at the dealer yet. It has been sitting at the Mesquite VDC (15 miles from the dealer) for 16 days counting today.
  14. Kimkeys99

    Blackwing Order Tracking - 2022 Model Year

    ***correction*** it is still at Mesquite, I was given the wrong car info:) It was in Mesquite, TX on the May 10th, which is around 15 miles from Sewell. It sat there until yesterday the 19th, when it arrived in Arlington, TX, at the Jack Cooper transport location (22 miles from Sewell). Right...
  15. Kimkeys99

    Blackwing Order Tracking - 2022 Model Year

    Well mine is at the VDC Mesquite rail yard. Just a few miles from the dealership. I am finally getting off this damn 🐐!!!!!!! I know that I shouldn’t get too happy until it’s actually at the dealership. But, what can an old 🐐 do to me now……😂🤞
  16. Kimkeys99

    Blackwing Order Tracking - 2022 Model Year

    Does this mean I went from the speckled goat pen to the spotted goat pen?
  17. Kimkeys99

    Terrance's CT5-V Blackwing Adventures

    I am ready to buy it now…..even though my car hasn’t arrived yet:)
  18. Kimkeys99

    Custom Blackwing Logo

    Thank you!!
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