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    Help! 2008 sts v

    need help just bought a 2008 sts v after selling my 2007 sts v the issue im having while driving my guages get real bright all the guages fall out service eng soon is diplayed service ac is displayed it does it 3-4 times dont loose power while this happens anyone else experince and if so what...
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    Help! mass air flow sensor

    Maf sensor Yes I tried it after installing it my check engine light came on along with my traction control light put factory maf back in lights all went out sending sensor back to company not worth it
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    Help! 2007 sts v sullfer smell

    need help when I use a certain gas from well known gas company I get a sullfer smell after parking car in garage when using a different gas company don't get odor but car does not feel as power full I use 93 octane at both stations has anyone experienced this and what to do
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    Help! mass air flow sensor

    has anyone used this product Jet Performance mass air flow sensor if so how was the results in your sts v
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