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  1. Tuna

    Showing off a little

    I took the V Wagon to a Coffee and Cars show last Saturday. Parked near a CT4 V. A lot of people stopped by to talk to me about the Wagon.
  2. Tuna

    CT4-V Cross shop C8 Corvette?

    I like a manual trans also but I'll take the C8 with its 8-sp auto. The C8 is a great cross-country car - comfortable, great mileage. The C8 has a lot of nannies but then so does the BWs. I don't have a BW and probably never will, but I do have a CTS V Wagon with a manual that I may never get...
  3. Tuna

    Road Trip in the V-Wagon

    .Just finished a 1000 mile road trip in our 2011 V Wagon. 500 out and 500 back with a day in between with family. I was rocking and rolling with the speed limits in OK and TX and cruising at 77 to 84 for the drive down. Averaged 17.5-18.5 MPG. That was a little lower than I expected...
  4. Tuna

    What did you all drive back in the day?

    The second car I bought with my own money - '69 RoadRunner, 426 Hemi, automatic. I haven't owned that many cars since I tend to keep them for a while. I had the RR above for 12 years. Below are some of the others I've owned.
  5. Tuna

    Panama City, FL checking in.

  6. Tuna

    Cadillac V-Club

    There is an Oklahoma Chapter and joined their FaceBook group and hope to learn more about them and what they do.
  7. Tuna

    Do you actually use the HUD?

    My first HUD was in 1975 when I started flying the A-7D fighter jet for the Air Force. Everything was on that HUD and I rarely looked at my instruments. Fast forward 23 years and I bought a new C5 which had a HUD. Both Corvettes I have have HUDs and I use them all the time. Too bad my V2...
  8. Tuna

    Biggest fill up in the blackwing?

    I gassed the V-Wagon a couple of days ago and paid $4.009 here in Yukon, OK.
  9. Tuna

    650 mile road trip - '22 CT5-V Blackwing six-speed

    Getting 21 MPG is very good for a 5BW! My V2 Wagon is lucky to get 20.5 and at normal freeway speeds.
  10. Tuna

    For Sale True Unicorn on BAT (not mine!)

    V Wagons have been selling for very good prices on BAT for several months now. I'm still going to keep mine as I can't replace it and it's too much fun to drive.
  11. Tuna

    Personalized license plate

    My V's personal plate was easy. SPD WGN I thought about just using REO but only 'old' people would see the connection. Here's the plate and the V:
  12. Tuna

    Trade for this?

    I'm a Corvette man, but I also like my V. My V Wagon is the ultimate in stealth - First, it's a wagon, second, it's red, third, it doesn't look like a 'race car.' Stick shift, no sunroof and Recaro seats. It's a joy to drive - if you overlook the gas mileage! Then I didn't buy it for the gas...
  13. Tuna

    Our new V

    Welcome to the V-Net.
  14. Tuna

    reasons I think (unfortunately) our Blackwing-5's won't be the 'collector cars' with huge resale over time some think.....

    My V Wagon is a 2011, manual, Recaro, no sunroof car. It's got 54k miles now. I still drive it once a week whether it needs it or not. ;)
  15. Tuna

    Happy Birthday

    I'm a week late in wishing a Happy 12th birthday to Speed Wagon. A little over 55k miles now and still going strong. I think I'll hang on to her for a while longer!
  16. Tuna

    What made you choose a Blackwing and what else did you consider?

    I don't have a Blackwing. I do have a V2 Wagon with a manual transmission and that was what I wanted in a practical, go fast vehicle. Mothing more practical than a wagon with a supercharged V8! I enjoy reading the Blackwing news here but I'll probably not buy one as I don't plan to sell my...
  17. Tuna

    Post Pics of Your Kids

    Here's a pic of all our other "Kids."
  18. Tuna

    Group Picture - Tuna's Fleet

    After getting all 3 clean, it was time for a group picture. Our little red wagon and both Vettes. 2011 V Wagon has 55,000+ miles and is still going strong. Since it's the rarest car in the garage, I only drive it once a week or so. The white Vette is a 2013 427 Vert 60th anniversary...
  19. Tuna

    Happy Birthday

    My little red V Wagon is 11 years old today. I took delivery of it Pearl Harbor Day 2010. It now has a little over 52,000 miles.
  20. Tuna

    CT5-V driving in the rain

    The rain/snow mode will help but the biggest limitation is the summer performance tires. They don't work good with the temperatures are that low even when it ain't raining.
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