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  1. CBH

    Selling my Blackwing

    Good luck. Hope you get way more than the current bid. Does BAT allow reserves ?
  2. CBH

    CT5-V First time post

    I ran a one mile event in Texas right after I got my 5th-gen Camaro. I did not expect it to be a drag race, but after the first pass it seemed exactly like a drag race. A full mile is nothing compared to the space you need to reach top speed. I expected to reach 150, but knew that when I didn't...
  3. CBH

    Community Feedback Needed! Apex Wheels Project ML-10 Survey

    I love the traditional cross-spoke look. But I hate the flush look of OEM wheels where this is no lip. I can't find the details now, but I was able to find a nice cross-spoke design with a very nice ~4" lip for my 5th-gen Camaro. I know chrome is out of style, but nobody wants the lip anymore...
  4. CBH

    CT5V BW exhaust

    Bump for everyone getting giddy about Corsa/AWE "systems". Spend 10% for 200% the experience with your local muffler shop. I'll post audio in a year or two after visiting @WONT TAP to get Kooks + tune. You'll hear me coming through your browser after that. :)
  5. CBH

    My BlackWing has been relieved of its duties...

    Grundy quoted me $1,236/year for $100,000. That's almost exactly what I pay for State Farm, but obviously SF is not committed to a specific value. I'll probably stick with it though.
  6. CBH

    4BW died at 1500 miles

    Remember that since its under warranty, Cadillac roadside assistance will tow it for free to the nearest Caddy dealer. They even did that for me when I dented the front wheel - not even Cadillac's fault !!
  7. CBH

    Cadillac Will Continue Offering ICE Cars Beyond 2030 As All-Electric Plans Change

    Sure, things could be infinitely worse. But we should still vote to improve our collective lots. Legal weed is the only useful thing Biden could have done for me, and has failed miserably at that one thing !! Regardless of what you think about getting high, it should be about federal...
  8. CBH

    It only took 5 months

    Congrats !! That is a lifetime for sure......hope it all works out from here.
  9. CBH

    Is this a "leave well-enough alone" situation?

    Ouch. Sorry to hear it !! Should be an easy fix though........
  10. CBH

    What is everyone's go-to wheel cleaner??

    There are threads here with info about ceramic pads. I swapped ceramic pads on a BMW I had years ago and the difference was astounding. I mean dust just disappeared.
  11. CBH

    Manual trans owners--both 4 and 5

    Sorry to hear of your pain @My1stCadillac That is sad. I sure hope this one works........
  12. CBH

    CT5V BW exhaust

    :) So with my truly open pipes it really will be insanely loud. :) I'm considering it since I still have the valves and can calm things down when necessary. I can hardly wait..........
  13. CBH

    2025 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing Brougham Edition Sets Sail With Classic Caddy Cues

    I finally found the truck equivalent. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2024/04/gmc-sierra-extra-big-bed-debuts-for-those-who-want-a-real-work-truck/
  14. CBH

    CT5V BW exhaust

    Even with the valves open, stock muffler reduces the sound. My custom bypass mufflers are louder, but not by much. @A Blackwing - i know its subjective, but how much louder is your car with the headers + stock muffler compared to stock everything ? Kooks without cats is the only thing left to...
  15. CBH

    My BlackWing has been relieved of its duties...

    @Jameson's Viggen - glad this worked out !! Understand you're no EV enthusiast, but it serves the purpose and saves the real jewel - and its free !! Its fantastic that the recent glut of EVs handed you this deal !! I doubt any of us are in the save-the-whales EV camp, but they really do offer...
  16. CBH

    General configuration questions

    I know there are many threads on brakes, but simply using ceramic pads on plain ol' steel rotors also eliminates the dust doesn't it ? I haven't swapped them yet since I don't drive it that often, but when I do, this will be the next thing I do to the car. OP - threads on exhaust here too...
  17. CBH

    Sirius XM PSA

    The virtual CC feature of CapitalOne is great. I was blown away that nobody else (I thought) offered it. Discover has stood by me since their initial debut in the 80's, but now all my subscriptions use the CapitalOne virtual CC feature after Discover claimed "fraud" and gave me new CC numbers...
  18. CBH

    Quirks of my 5BW

    #1 - I've gotten random rev-match style throttle blips when approaching a stop several times. Gave up trying to figure it out, and never considered taking it to the dealer. That Ultima RS is fascinating. I didn't know they existed. How much are they ?
  19. CBH

    CT4-V CT4-V BW vs Camaro ZL1 vs C8 Z51

    I voted ZL1 because I love that V8 sound track. Do NOT get the 1LE package - it is far too brutal for DD.
  20. CBH

    2023 CT5 Blackwing engine failure

    Sorry to hear about your catastrophic failure. It hurts just thinking about it !!
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