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    CT5-V Spring Mountain V Academy

    My son and I will be driving 'our' BW down to Vegas (6 hour drive). He'll be joining for everything but the driving because my cheap ass ain't got $4k for him and he is car poor. They have a deal where he can stay, eat, and join the classroom sessions for almost nothing.

    Questions, Nits, Acclaim, and Observations after 1,500 miles

    Kind of the opposite of BMW's that seem to not come equipped with turn signals. Makes sense. :giggle:

    Questions, Nits, Acclaim, and Observations after 1,500 miles

    The only thing I've found a little annoying so far is the turn signal indicators. I wish it would show on the HUD. I can't see the dash light from my seating/steering position and the sound is so quiet that I can't hear it over music or wind noise.

    500 Miles - IT'S PARTY TIME!!!! Two acceleration runs with my CT5-V Blackwing six-speed!!

    makes a lot of sense. My DA was a bit over 7200 on the day in question

    500 Miles - IT'S PARTY TIME!!!! Two acceleration runs with my CT5-V Blackwing six-speed!!

    I just hit the 500 mile mark and did a similar pull (40-120ish). I've done a couple of pulls since as well. I can only get to 8 lbs. of boost. I see you hit 9 easily and 10 as well. What would cause me to only get 8 lbs? My best 0-60 so far is 4.4 with a relatively soft launch and a bit of an...

    Any of you guys daily driving your BW?

    Yep. I don't have a long commute but will daily it probably about 6-700 miles per month.

    Rear view mirror plastic cover removal tips?

    I just ordered a Blendmount yesterday. After seeing exactly what you describe above, I am opting to route the power across the headliner and down to under dash power. I haven't started to search for the right spot or route yet but I don't want to mess with a mirror tap on this one. If you find a...

    2022 Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing Order Tracking

    My brother just took delivery of a Yukon missing 2 chips. One is for the wireless phone charger but can't remember the other. Easy decision to live without those until they are available vs. continuing to wait for his vehicle.


    haha. Not sure if it adds any value, but he was pretty proud of it
  10. SSEEYA


    Short video the detailer did after ting, ppf, and ceramic.
  11. SSEEYA

    Delivery Thread - Post Pictures Here!

    Same here. He's very excited to get some shots of 'our' new car. :ROFLMAO:
  12. SSEEYA

    Delivery Thread - Post Pictures Here!

    Here are a few. I’ll have some better after this weekends photo shoot now that the detailing is done.
  13. SSEEYA

    Delivery Thread - Post Pictures Here!

    I did. I don't regret it. The black skirts, diffuser, and grill header look great in black with the other carbon bits IMO. My car is Shadow Metallic.
  14. SSEEYA

    Winter Wheels and Tires

    Are there replacement rear tires available yet in case this can’t be repaired? Is a ‘normal PS4S’ okay? Just curious but I expect it can be fixed. Only 200 miles.
  15. SSEEYA

    Dealer installed front license plate

    Same thing happened to my SS when I bought it. Rather than risk having it painted, I had the rivets drilled out, placed vinyl stickers over the holes and then applied the PPF over the top. The covered holes look exactly like the radar sensors so they do not look out of place at all. But still...
  16. SSEEYA

    Baby Seat in CT4 BW

    I’ve already taken my grandkids around the block in mine. They love it. They know the rules. 😂
  17. SSEEYA

    Detailing poll

    Are you guys also doing the CF pieces with PPF?
  18. SSEEYA


    We did have the dealer do a touch free wash and I didn't notice the chip. But we did not go over it with the level of detail that a full detail would. I take some degree of comfort in that even if I had noticed it, I would not have asked the dealer to do anything about it. I would have taken the...
  19. SSEEYA


    Yeah it isn't really the end of the world. He is going to fill it before applying the ppf. It will likely never be noticed but he did want to point it out to me and see if I wanted him to touch it up.
  20. SSEEYA


    Well shit. My detailer sent me this. He found it while prepping for the PPF install. Not sure if it came off the truck that way or I picked it up between dealer and drop off at detailer. Goes to show why PPF on the front is so important.
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